TOP Tips To Defeat LIMPERS From The BLINDS!

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Many of my small stakes students are unsure on what to do when there are lots of limpers preflop and then the action is on them in the blinds. It is important when you are deciding on any course of action to consider what your opponent’s strategies are. Are they straightforward or tricky? Are they calling stations? Your biggest concern should be the first limper. There are plenty of players in the low stakes poker games that love to trap with pocket aces or pocket kings in early position by limping and then re-raising. When you are playing from the small blind your pot odds increase as more players limp. You should call with a wide range of hands that will flop well. However, you should fold hands that have huge reverse implied odds. Make sure that you raise with your best hands and perhaps some bluffs that can’t profitability call. When playing from the big blind remember that it is free to check and see a flop! You should only raise with your best hands and perhaps some bluffs if you think that multiple limpers will fold. You should generally plat fairly straightforward postflop as you will be facing multiple opponents and ranges. 


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