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Tournament Final Table & Analysis

Conor Gilmore 5,712 Views 53:48 Duration

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Payout: 15,000€
Betfair €15,000 July Race 2

Betfair €15,000 July Race 2

Starts in 5 days, 5 hours

Conor Gilmore

Our Irish Superstar!  Conor Is our low-mid stakes MTT coach. He will be producing constant high quality content for our members mainly concentrating on Final Table play and Final Table HH reviews.  Conor grinds none stop and now boasts a huge ROI and profit across most sites. His favourite score was a win in the Sky Ukops 1 year ago. It was the title and bankroll boost that meant the most to Conor which allowed him to play higher buy in tournaments and go from strength to strength.  Now moving up the ranks and playing live poker Conor will be a one to watch. With his huge edge im sure he will crush and we will all be there to watch it!  Stay tuned for some awesome video's!!! 

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Conor shows you his most recent final table, hand for hand analysis and post commentary. Does he win this one? 


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bearlytheron 11/9/13

Having a sb limping range is a new line of thinking with many players and can work quite well in certain spots depending on the villan we are playing against it can also be good to have a sb limp calling range limp folding range and limp reraising range having a limping range isnt my standard but definately something to think about and have in your game for the right spots. With regards to 3 betting i dont think 3 betting like crazy in a tournament with no antes involved is neccassary i have a high 3 bet percentage in my game but in this tournament a low varience approach is best and getting into a 3betting game in this sort of tournament would be bad.


AKQJ10LTon 7/9/13

How can you comment your play ?


AKQJ10LTon 7/9/13

SB limping with J8s(14:33) raising with J5off(22:33) , limping with K10off(17:00), calling 3x with J8off(18:15).What sort of hands could be calling your check raise , and still worsten than yours?(32:02). JJ checking the flop. I know that he had top two on the flop. But you said that you cant get value from worst? How about 9x ? , and many draws like Q10diamonds or other x,d x,d ? . And than you called turn and river.(36:50).Not 3-betting fairly good hands pre flop.
Thank you.

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