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Viper Leak Finder Coaching Review: Part 2

Nick Whitton 6,403 Views 31:51 Duration

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Payout: 15,000€
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Betfair €15,000 December Race 2

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Nick Whitton
Nick Whitton
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Nick has been a true microstakes grinder playing 10,000's of hands at each level of the microstakes. He has a growing win rate due to his hard work ethic and passion for the game. Nick has become familiar with almost every site which gives him a great insight into all playing styles. His knowledge on the basics of poker is fresh and suited well to todays game with a combination of feel and EV calculations. With a microstakes tournament win, SnG experience and currently crushing cash games, Nick feels he is becoming a well rounded player and is keen to share with you all of his knowledge!     

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StewieStag analyzes each and every part of forum member 'Viper's' play. Looking to find leaks and figuring out way to plug them!

Site: PokerStars

Stakes: 10nl

Format: 6max nlh 

Part 1 of the series 


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Viperon 9/5/14

Awesome video, Stewie! Great feedback which I find really useful.
Thank you very much!

In the hand pokershark mentions, I can\'t recall pretty well why I didn\'t call. But I think it might be one of these two reasons:

1) his win money at show down is of 100% and he went to show down 9%. So I thought he would probably win the hand. I mean, he probably was not bluffing.

2) Sometimes when I have these doubts, I hold my game to a rule I once heard \"It\'s better to fold often than call often\" of something like that would be the translation. I was probably only beating a bluff there.


StewieStagon 28/4/14

I would put villain on AQs AK, 22-99 in this spot with your reads. With this read then betting turn is pretty bad as we are now building a pot v his Ax hands which have us crushed and get all of his worse hands to fold. We might get 22/33 to fold but they have 5% against us so its not like we are making them fold a tonne of equity. If the turn had been a blank then betting is for sure better as villain may now fold AQ/AK which have 12% against us but might call with his pocket pairs that believe they have SD value. When watching back I quite like the fold OTR. Villain is unlikely turning a baby PP into a bluff so his range is going to be very Ax dominated, getting the price we are calling wouldn\'t be awful but is unlikely not EV :)


pokersharkon 10/4/14

the 77 hand on table 1 in 25 min in just from what I see quite often as im playing same limit every day when a fishy type player 5x the hand id nearly say all of the time the fish is holding small pairs like 22-99 the other tell that his not holding an A type hand is the speed that which he checks back at as usually the fish would spend some time messing about wit the raise bar trying to decide what to bet I beleve the A was a night mare turn for him as its very much in ur range so I think maybe a half pot bet there may have taken the pot down or maybe calling his river bet wouldnt be so bad an if you lost the pot by calling that one time you would gain so much info for future plays

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