What's the difference between Poker Stakes in 2020? (Micro/Low Stakes)

160 Views on 19/1/21

I'm getting this question a lot, so I decided to record a video and show you the differences between the stakes. As you probably already knew, the biggest difference between NL2, NL5, NL10 and all other stakes, is the level of play by your opponents. But there are other differences as well, especially when it comes to rake. Here, I summarized the main differences between the stakes for you again: Micro Stakes (NL2, NL5, NL10) - Very tight and fishy games -ABC Poker still works -Learning how to value bet, bluff, and fold is hugely important -The rake at Micro Stakes is usually insane. Low Stakes (NL25, NL50) -First signs of aggression -Still a lot of tight players and a good amount of recreational players -Rake is still pretty high Low Stakes (NL100) -A lot more solid opponents .Still some tight regs and a good amount of recreational players -People are more aware of the fundamentals and how the game actually works. -Still a lot of room for exploitation Low Stakes (NL200) -Majority of the player pool consists of solid regulars -Limited amount of recreational players -Reasonably high rake -you have to start to time select.

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