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Independent Poker Room Reviews and Deals

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Independent rooms are not part of a network. These rooms stand alone and are often a lot more ambitious and innovative than their competitors who have opted for the safety of a network. This can mean better value for the player and, in some cases, a more enjoyable playing experience.

On the flipside some of these rooms suffer from low traffic. It's a bold step to shun the networks, but the rewards can be huge!

The independent rooms we offer deals on are PKR, SkyPoker and Everest Poker.

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Independent Offers

100% Poker Welcome Bonus
4.8/5 (4 Reviews)
Instant Access to Funds!
4.7/5 (2 Reviews)
$3,000 Bonus
4.3/5 (4 Reviews)
First hardware wallet for offline coin security
No Reviews
Get a 100% bonus on your first deposit
4/5 No Reviews
Social Casino and Entertainment Platform
No Reviews
$6,000 Welcome Bonus.
No Reviews
$8,000 Welcome Bonus
No Reviews
50% Rakeback
4/5 (13 Reviews)


5/5 (1 Review)

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Always happy to play at those.

on 15/6/15