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Tracking / My Account Area

Too many usernames and passwords these days. We understand.

Try using the password reset button in the login panel. If this fails then just contact us through site chat and we will get your password reset in no time!

Remember: Users can sign into PokerVIP using Facebook or Google.

We rely on rake stats from the poker rooms we work with. Once we receive these stats we upload them to our database at PokerVIP.

The stats displayed in the My Account area do not influence loyalty or rakeback payments made by the poker room and should only be treated as a guide.

Please Note: Stats in the My Account area are typically not updated during weekends.

PokerVIP users can track their rake by adding their screename / alias to the PokerVIP My Account area.

Simply click on My Account and select 'Add Poker Room'.

The data that needs to be added depends on on the poker room you are playing at. Users at PaddyPowerPoker need to add their alias whereas users at William Hill are required to add their WH Account Number. Further details can be found in the My Account area.

If you are already signed up at a poker room with another affiliate, but would like to re-tag your account, just get in touch and we'll see what we can do for you.

Contact options:

Skype: Support.PokerVIP

Email: hello@pokervip.com

Site chat - the button at the bottom right corner of the screen.

Typically it takes around 1 week for an account to be re-tracked and some poker rooms have a strict policy regarding account re-tracks and do not allow them.

Poker rooms that do not allow affiliates to re-tag accounts include; Pokerstars & Winamax.

In order to get unlimited access to PokerVIP videos, store and all the other great stuff, users must sign up to a poker room via PokerVIP and be confirmed as a tracked player.

To confirm your account as tracked, please go to the My Account area and add your alias / username at the poker room signed up to via PokerVIP.

Typically tracking takes 24 hours, however it can often take longer and is unavailable at some poker rooms.

Currently tracking is unavailable at PokerStars, Bodog, Bovada, Bet365, Full Tilt, BlackChipPoker & ACR.

If you are experiencing issues tracking your account please get in touch via live chat or thought our contact form.

We have made an affiliate hub for all our partners, this enables you to see all your players rake, commission due and much more. What to do is to make a 180Vita Partners account through this link here. If you have any questions about the affiliate hub please just contact us on either affiliates.pokervip (Skype) or shoot us an email at Affiliates@PokerVIP.com

PokerVIP Points update as and when we receive reports from poker rooms. Please note that reports are not sent over the weekend.

Add the necessary tracking information to your PokerVIP account area here!

Necessary tracking information by room:

* ACR - Screen name
* BetVictor - Screen name
* Betfair - Screen name
* BetFred Poker - Login name
* Betsafe - Screen name
* Betway Poker - Screen name
* Blackchip Poker - Screen name
* Boyle Poker - Login name
* Coral Poker - Login name
* PKR - Screen name
* Paddy Power - Screen name
* Sky Poker - Screen name
* Stan James - Screen name
* Tigergaming - Screen name
* Unibet - Login
* William Hill - WH account number (found by going to the WH site in your browser, logging in and licking sportsbook, next to your balance you will find the WH account number)
* Yachting Poker - Screen name
* Intertops - Screen name
* Full Flush - Screen name

Note: All other rooms currently do not track rake however, we are looking into ways to increase tracking coverage.

Note II: Screen name = Nickname and login = username.

We can get users account retagged if a players Sky account has been inactive for 13+ months. What to do is to send your full name, email used on your old Sky account and screen name via our site contact form and we will be in touch, once we hear from Sky.

If your name is not displayed on the rake race leaderboard and you think it should be, perform the following checks:

  1. Check when the leaderboard was last updated. If you did not rake enough to appear on the leaderboard by the time it was last updated, this is likely the reason your name is not appearing.
  2. Check your account is tracked. This can be checked by going into the PokerVIP, My Account are or by contacting the room directly and confirming.
  3. There is at least a 24 hour lag from when you generated rake at the tables and this rake showing up in the leaderboard.
  4. See if your PokerVIP account username is being displayed as opposed to your poker room screen name. Poker room screen names are displayed with every other character being replaced by a *. Example if my screen name is PokerVIP it will display on the leaderboard as P*k*R*I*
  5. If the above three steps are inconclusive, get in touch with our live chat, your agent or get in touch through our contact form.

Tracked rake that displays in your account here will always displays your total rake figure. Please note that for iPoker the rake displayed in you account area, will be old method rake and not the new. RB payments are made off the new calculation method. To find out more about the new iPoker rake method please read our dedicated forum thread here or alternatively just get in touch with one of our agents through live chat, Skype (Support.PokerVIP) or through our contact form.

Rakeback / Loyalty Payments
PokerVIP players get a top tier VIP upgrade at Betway. Simply convert your points for cash at a rate of 30%.

PokerVIP players are given a level 6 VIP upgrade - players simply convert their points to cash at a rate of 30%.


William Hill loyalty payments are made weekly and these tend to be made every Tuesday.

Loyalty payment's are for the rake generated from the previous Monday - Sunday.

Please note that the minimum payment per week is $10 and there is no carry over to the next week!

BoylePoker pays loyalty payments every Thursday. Payments are usually made before 18:00 GMT.

These payments are for the rake period Thursday to Wednesday and the minimum payment is £/€/$5 depending on the players base currency. This payment will not carryover to the following week.

If you did not rake enough to be eligible for the $10 loyalty payment, you should consider signing up to the VIP deal at PaddyPowerPoker where you can cash in points for cash via the Paddy VIP program at anytime.

In order to find a history of your Rakeback payments at StanJames, please follow the below instructions:

To check payments made within the last 2 weeks:
  1. Click on My account (top of lobby)
  2. View my game history
  3. Poker Playcheck
  4. Click on advanced search tab
  5. Change "Fixed search" to Last 10 admin events.
  6. Click on the blue circle with two white arrows in.
To search a date prior to this for rake back change the Fixed search to -(blank) and set the date to any Thursday.
Payments will be there among hands played if the player played cash that day. If no play that day the payment will only be displayed.


One points are non-cashable they cannot be redeemed for cash. The points however can still be used to buy into tournaments.

If the user opts to redeem these points for cash, a deduction (for the same amount) will be made from their future rakeback payments.

For further information see the BetVictor website where the differences between points are explained.

All PokerVIP users enjoy 30% flat rakeback on StanJames provided over $200 is raked per week.

  1. 20% is paid weekly into the player account.
  2. 10% can be cashed out anytime by trading your StanJames points for cash.
The rake period is Thursday > Wednesday and is paid every Thursday.


PokerVIP users can exclusively claim 30% Rakeback at anytime with BetVictor.

Users can claim rakeback by cashing in their loyalty points via the BetVictor poker client.

If users do not cash in all their points in a month, BetVictor will pay the cash value of the remaining points on the 1st of the following month.

Referral payments can be requested by logging in to your partner account on 180Vita an sending a payment request. Alternatively email Affiliates@PokerVIP.com with your name and we will be in touch about you payment shortly.

Our players on Betfair get a VIP level 13 upgrade. You can convert your points to cash at anytime at a rate of 35%.
PokerVIP players get a top tier VIP upgrade. Simply convert your points to cash at a rate of 35%!

PKR RB works on a tier system - there is no flat RB here at all.

Tier system:

$0 - $25 = 0%

$25.01 - $150 = 10%

$150.01 - $450 = 20%

$450.01+ = 32%

Note: The tiers above are the rake a player must generate in a calandar month to attain a specific percentage.

PokerVIP players get 30% RB paid at the beginning of the month, usually on around the 5th.

Players are eligible for the Party network gold bar promo if they are tracked to PokerVIP and playing in the .com player pool. Any segregated player pool e.g. .es, .nj or .es are not eligible for this promotion.

- Click Balances in the top right corner of the client

- Click the View button next to My Action Points on the dropdown menu

- Convert your points in the window that opens

How the Gold Bar Promo Works

* Each Gold Bar is worth $50 cash!
* 1 Gold Bar is earned for every 1000 Gold Bar Points.
Note: Gold bar points are earned at the same rate as Party / Bwin / WPT points (2 points per $1 raked).
* For every 5 Gold Bars additional bonus bars are rewarded.
* The more Gold Bars players earn the higher the number of bonus bars!

Gold Bar Promo Payments

* The promo period is the 1st of the month > End of the month.
* Gold Bar payments will hit player accounts by the 15th of the following month.

More info can be found here.

All Other Stuff VIP

PokerVIP is an online poker resource for poker players who are truly serious about poker. This doesn't mean you need to be a high stakes crusher or a rake machine.  

If you're committed to getting better at poker and want to enjoy the best the poker world has to offer, you have come to the right place.

Learn more about PokerVIP.

We can continue to run this service for poker players thanks to our poker room partners who pay us commission in return for generating business for their brands.

We are committed to providing a high quality service for our users and will always give impartial advice.

Support PokerVIP and get full access to our videos, store and school by playing poker with one of our partner poker rooms.

After sendings tens of thousands of online poker players to poker rooms for a number of years, we understand what makes a good poker room.  

We have never worked with a poker room that has subsequently gone bust or taken players funds. As far as we know, we're the only major poker site on the net with this untarnished record! 

As a general rule, we only work with poker rooms that have been established for a considerable period of time. We also like sports books and casino brands with a poker product. Historically, these brands have proven to be the most reliable.

To access coaching videos you need to sign up to one of our exclusive poker deals. Once you have signed up simply add your alias at the poker room to your My Account area. Users typically have full access to PokerVIP 24 hours after adding their alias.

We love feedback. Let us know on site chat, Skype (Support.PokerVIP) or email (Hello@PokerVIP.com) and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

For PVIP users to get PM privileges or be able to start a thread, users must first make 10 posts on the PVIP forum.

Unfortunately it's not very likely we can do anything about this, but get in touch on site chat, Skype (Support.PokerVIP) or email (Hello@PokerVIP.com) and we will see what we can do. 

Most poker rooms we offer are on poker networks. Take a look at our poker offers and it might be worth signing up for another poker room on the network.

We're always looking for talented individuals to join our team.

Our offices are based in Edinburgh, Scotland. Unfortunately, we're not able to hire those who are not based in Edinburgh or willing to re-locate.

However, if you're interested in creating content for one of our sites on a freelance basis, get in touch with Stewart via email at Stewart@PokerVIP.com.

All applications for general employment in Edinburgh should be sent to Hello@PokerVIP.Com

Often players ask us if we plan on running the same Rake Race for a certain poker room, the following month.

Almost always the answer is yes.

We are committed to growing the Rake Races and promotions with our key partner poker rooms.

However, please note that we cannot absolutely guarantee we will run our promotions indefinitely. Most poker rooms are members of 'poker networks' whose job it is to regulate the network and create a framework that the poker rooms on the network must adhear to. Thus, it is possible that network's opt to ban rake races in the future and as such we would not be permitted to continue running them.

In the above instance we would aim to compensate our users with a variety of other promotions.

PokerVIP users can refer their friends in two ways:

A) Send your friend / your referral ink via Skype, email or any other platform. This unique link will track your mate to you and make you eligible for referral payments. Your referral link can be found here, by logging into your PokerVIP account and selecting the deal you want to promote. 

B) Contact Affiliates.PokerVIP on Skype or send a email to Affiliates@PokerVIP.com.

We do have a stable of coaches offering coaching services. To get in touch just contact Jon@ipokervip.net outlining what games you are wanting coaching for and your budget.

We offer over 350 coaching videos made by the biggest winners in poker. If you are looking for one on one coaching though, you should contact Jon@ipokervip.net outlining what games you are wanting coaching for and your budget.

Our video content is unlocked by PokerVIP level and if you are not high enough in the PokerVIP reward program you will not have access to all our content unfortunately. However, you can purchase a VIP level 5 upgrade for as little as $18!

To play on a poker room all you need to do is to go through one of our deal pages and create an account. If you wish to make sure that everything is set-up properly, feel free to contact one of our agents.