♠ $20K MPN Freeroll ♠ March 2017Ended

Promotion ended on 31/3/17

Last Updated: on 13/4/17
♠ $20K MPN Freeroll  ♠ March 2017

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1st 1035010 138,351$2,500PKR
2nd 1052083 83,921$2,000PKR
3rd 1155842 63,993$1,500StanJames
5th 1052355 49,794$750PKR
6th p*o*o*t*e 48,387$550BetVictor
7th 4441725 46,299$525Betsson
8th t*l*r*d*r*e* 43,185$475StanJames
10th 1089802 38,717$400RedKings
11st 1032479 37,770$350StanJames
12nd s*r*i*o*9*4 37,491$300PKR
13rd 1126982 35,188$250StanJames
16th A*a*t*R*g*z* 28,246$225StanJames
18th 4591631 25,133$215Betsson
19th 1146645 24,626$200StanJames
21st 1005404 22,404$200PKR
23rd 1011048 21,025$195PKR

Promotion Details

$1 rake = 10 VIP Points

Eligible rooms: StanJames, BetVictor, Betsson, Betsafe, Nordicbet, Triobet, PKR, Guts and Redkings

The top 155 VIP Point earners in Feb + any player tracked to PokerVIP or RTR and rakes more than $50 in the promotion period, will be entered into an exclusive $20k tournament at the end of the promotion period. Players will be credited starting stacks based on their finishing position in the points chase leaderboard. 

How to Earn Chips:

1) Rake $50 in the month and get a 250 chip starting stack.
2) For every $1 rake over $50, players get 10 additional chips.

Prizes from the freeroll will be then paid directly into player accounts. The freeroll will take place on the 23rd of April, players will credited their starting stacks and there will be 5 minute blind levels - make sure you login and play to give yourself the best possible chance. Prizes from the freeroll will be then paid directly into player accounts.

Make sure you get paid for your participation in the $20,000 MPN Points Chase this month and beyond. 

Please ensure that you've added your various screennames to the poker rooms tab on your PokerVIP dashboard. 

Finding yourself in the standings:
  1. If you have bound your SN/ login name to your PokerVIP account area your PokerVIP account name will display.
  2. If you have not bound you SN/ login to your account then the SN/login will show with every other character replaced by an *
  3. If you are a RTR player then your RTR account number will display with every other character blocked out.
  4. If there is no RTR account number associated with your screen name then the SN/Login will be shown with every other character replaced by an *
Terms and conditions:
  • The right is reserved to amend the prize distribution in various circumstances.
  • Players will not be eligible for this promotion and their prizes forfeit, if they have not bound their account name to their PokerVIP account area (PokerVIP players) or registered their account on RakeTheRake (RTR players).

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Take Part In This Promotion

Its easy, simply register with one of the rooms below and add your username to your PokerVIP account

Its easy, simply register with one of the rooms below and add your username to your PokerVIP account.
Add your "Room Name" username and register with PokerVIPEarn 250 VIP Points Instantly & 10 VIP Points for Every $1 in Rake.

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PokerVIP Credentials: