$55,000 Rake Race February 2017Ended

Promotion ended on 28/2/17

Last Updated: on 20/3/17
$55,000 Rake Race February 2017

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2ndskm19146,725$2,750Party Poker
3rd 1156331 126,426$2,000TigerGaming
4th 1145976 118,427$1,500SkyPoker
5th n*.*o*s*r*s 101,910$1,000Unibet
7th 1019695 94,264$875Unibet
8th n*f*n*_ 93,746$825Unibet
9th s*m*l* 91,785$750Unibet
10th 1155876 82,293$700Party Poker
12nd 1019695 80,418$650Betfair
13rd 1155006 74,634$600Party Poker
14th w*u*d*4* 74,273$575Unibet
16th E*i*_*l*i* 71,522$525Unibet
17th 1154989 66,346$500Unibet
18th 1154299 61,461$500Unibet
19thOmarVII59,770$500Party Poker
20th 1156097 59,060$500Party Poker
21st 1154021 58,486$460Unibet
22nd 1115203 56,168$440Unibet
23rd 1156221 54,145$420Party Poker
24th 1153692 52,468$400Unibet
25thJoep52,005$400Party Poker
26th v*t*l*2* 51,152$390Unibet

Promotion Details

$1 rake = 10 VIP Points

Eligible rooms: William Hill, Tigergaming, Iron Poker, Betfair, Unibet,  Sky Poker, Gala Poker, Coral Poker, Boyle Poker, Party Poker and Bwin.

All iPoker rooms involved (except Iron Poker - players here will earn 10VIP Point per $1 RPV rake) will earn VIP points based on weighted contributed rake

* Sky players should not expect payments to hit their accounts until C.15th of the following month.
Sky Race Payments: Players must turnover x1 of their race prize to be eligible to withdraw it.
* Bwin and Best Poker Players to email into hello@PokerVIP.com to be credited race payments manually. Players must email in their screen name and room.

Make sure you get paid for your participation in the PokerVIP TOP 77this month and beyond. 

Please ensure that you've added your various screennames to the '' tab in your PokerVIP dashboard. poker rooms

Finding yourself in the standings:
  1. If you have bound your SN/ login name to your PokerVIP account area your PokerVIP account name will display.
  2. If you have not bound you SN/ login to your account then the SN/login will show with every other character replaced by an *
  3. If you are a RTR player then your RTR account number will display with every other character blocked out.
  4. If there is no RTR account number associated with your screen name then the SN/Login will be shown with every other character replaced by an *

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Its easy, simply register with one of the rooms below and add your username to your PokerVIP account.
Add your "Room Name" username and register with PokerVIPEarn 250 VIP Points Instantly & 10 VIP Points for Every $1 in Rake.

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PokerVIP Credentials: