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Jack Of HighStakes €40,000
PositionPlayerPointsTournaments PlayedPrize
1AbreuSan44190167€ 3,150
2Spikefinger132316156€ 2,150
3lightpoker31198165€ 2,150
4PepperHype30795160€ 1,650
5Dirrdurrr28877108€ 1,650
6blueavatar27143168€ 1,400
7beforemoon24458166€ 1,400
8LupusDei88821673141€ 1,400
9TheBluffer19353100€ 1,250
10mentalcannibal18882149€ 1,250
11bestflop15304145€ 1,000
12kalinihta15207163€ 1,000
13pidaras66613373125€ 800
14bobasek13054159€ 750
15Psycho11281465€ 750
16dblthnkrhs12518155€ 500
17Bacus202012076110€ 500
18gasiorrr11675142€ 500
19Harapok1150593€ 350
20gravedom11084158€ 350

Promotion Details

Jack Of HighStakes €40,000 TLB

The time has finally come for you to to build your bankroll risk free. The first ever €40,000 tournament leaderboard for freeroll players.

We want to bring back the glory days of poker by allowing players to turn nothing into their dream and the chance to become a poker pro.

Date: July 1st - August 15th

Prizepool: €25,000 TLB. €15,000 added to daily freerolls. 

Events: 10 per day. Everyday. All €0 to enter with optional €0.50c rebuys and add ons. 

Points Formula: 10XField Size/Finishing Position. 

Points Formula Example: 1000 runners. You finish in 1st place  = 10x1000/1 = 10000 points

Tournament Prizes: All tournaments will be satellites into our Special Sunday events held August 18th. These are must play events. Users cannot unregister. TLB Prizes: Winners receive packages into Sunday 18th games. These are must play events and you will be registered into them August 17th. Users who unregister will have funds confiscated and account potentially banned.
  • Leaderboard Rules
  • Leaderboard points are calculated using the following formula: 10 * FieldSize/FinishingPosition
  • Payouts: Players who win the TLB tournament packages will be registered into all events August 17th which will then run August 18th.
  • Tournaments: All tournaments eligible for promotion points will be named 'Jack Of HighStakes Freebuy". 10 run per day.
  • Freeroll Tournament Prizes: All events have Sunday 18th tournament entries added. These are must play events.
  • Must Play Events: All winners MUST PLAY the events they have won entry to. In the event you unregister you will have those funds confiscated and may face being banned from HighStakes. If you are competing in this promotion please make sure you are available to play all events August 18th.

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