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Maximize Your Poker Earnings

6 Interesting Facts about Online Poker in the USA

4,066 Views on 2/12/19

Stick around to learn six impressive facts about poker, more so, online poker in the USA

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Poker is one of the most popular card games in the world. But did you know the game originated in Texas?  In fact, poker was a relatively unknown game until Las Vegas grew into a full-blown casino city. Stick around to learn six impressive facts about poker, more so, online poker in the USA.

Online Poker is Legal in Multiple States

Gone are the days when the only place where you could play poker was Las Vegas. For a few years, you can play online poker in more than a dozen states, including New Jersey, Delaware, California, and Rhode Island.

The best US online casinos welcome you with bonuses as huge as $10,000. Uptown Aces, for example, has an $8,888 first deposit bonus plus 350 free spins. Slot Cash, on the other hand, awards newcomers with up to $7,777 plus 3000 free spins for slots players. 

Apart from bonuses, US casinos also feature tournaments for major games. So, if you believe you are the best poker player in Delaware, join a poker site and participate in competitions. You can win up to $100,000 playing online poker tournaments. And if you hit the jackpot in slots, there's a chance you'll never have to work again.

80 Million Americans Love Poker

One in four Americans plays poker regularly according to a report published in the New York Times. That makes poker one of America’s favorite sports, right up there with football and baseball. So, how come poker tournaments aren’t broadcast in every sports channel in the country? 

CBS Sports and ESPN used to broadcast the final game of the World Series of Poker from the 1970s to the early 2000s. The broadcasting wasn’t spectacular, though, as it involved commentators talking about players and guessing what moves they would make.

In 1997, the hole cam was invented to help viewers see players’ cards through hidden cards. It would later be used in the broadcasting from WSOP tournaments and helped elevate poker into a household game. 

You can qualify for the WSOP Online

If you’ve been following the World Series of Poker tournaments, you probably know Chris Moneymaker. The Tennessee accountant won the 2003 edition of WSOP after qualifying for the event online. He only spent $39 to qualify but walked out of the WSOP Main Event, having won $2.5 million.

Following Chris’ success, millions of Americans created accounts at online poker websites to play the game live and qualify for future tournaments. Today, you can still compete to join the World Series of Poker through online sites.

 Poker sites that help you qualify for the WSOP work in two ways. Some websites use a level-based system through which they advance by winning games. Alternatively, you can buy a direct spot to the WSOP by paying up to $2000. 

Texas Hold’em is Illegal in Texas

Texas Hold’em, the most variation of poker, is prohibited in Texas. It doesn't matter the game was discovered in the state. Texas has strict regulations against online gambling of all forms. That means you can't play slots, blackjack or baccarat either.

The only exception to Texas’ archaic gambling laws is horse racing wagers. The state has several websites allowed to provide bets for horse racing. There are also casinos on land dedicated to Native Americans. 

Although not legal, private poker clubs also exist in Texas. The state’s attorney general has previously shunned a request to clarify where the clubs are allowed or not. And until when the state decides to close down the clubs, they will probably continue to grow in numbers.

You can make a Living Playing Online Poker

One of the best things about poker is that it’s a game of skill. That means you can play the game better than your friends. And if you are better than most people in your city, you could win prize money at local tournaments.

For your convenience, however, you don’t need to play poker at local casino rooms. One account at a reliable poker site is enough to help you kick start your poker career. Of course, excellent skills are required. Otherwise, you’ll become the player most professionals want to play against every time.

Another benefit of online poker is that you don’t need a lot of money to get started. You can join ‘Sit n Go’ tournaments with as little as $10 on most websites. If you have more money, however, you can also join high roller tables.

The best online poker players also tend to play in Las Vegas and other prestigious cities. Some of them become so successful at the game that they are celebrities in their ways. The players are also extremely rich, with professionals like Phil Ivey and Daniel Negreanu having won over $20 million each.

You can Study for Degree in Poker

Some of America’s best poker players dropped out of college. But if you believe the easiest way to succeed is through a bachelor’s degree, you can get one on a topic you love: poker. Most poker degrees take a year or two to complete, usually done online. 

Instead of a degree, however, you can take an online course for less than three months. Short courses teach you the basics of live poker and the best strategies to use during tournaments. Of course, having experience is the best way to perfect your poker skills. 

But unless you plan to be playing on free to play poker sites, you don’t want to learn about the game at real money websites. Join real money online casinos when you become proficient at the game. That way, you'll kick start your career on a winning run, and hopefully, have a successful career.

To Conclude

Poker is not only one of the most popular games in the USA, but it's also one of the most rewarding games. Some of the most successful poker players have earned over $40 million through tournaments. Surprisingly, it's free to become a player, although you might need to learn about the game properly before you play it for real money.


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