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Maximize Your Poker Earnings

6 Sports You Probably Never Thought You Could Bet on

921 Views on 20/7/22

This article will highlight six interesting sports you probably never thought you could bet on

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If you’re a passionate sports bettor, you’re probably familiar with most betting markets available across the most popular global sports. Still, with the sports betting industry constantly growing, bettors have the opportunity to bet on an increasing selection of unusual or obscure sports.

Of course, you will not find these options in all of the sportsbooks, but alternative sports are especially popular in Asian sportsbooks, such as UFABET, so you can find many interesting bets if that's what you are looking for.

This article will highlight six interesting sports you probably never thought you could bet on.

Reindeer Racing

Most of us have heard about betting on horse racing, but have you heard about betting on reindeer racing? Well, this interesting and electrifying sport is very popular to bet on in Nordic countries and Russia.

While you probably won’t find reindeer racing options in the vast majority of online betting sites, if you ever have the opportunity of betting on this sport, you shouldn’t miss out on doing so. Seen as a cultural tradition among locals, betting on reindeer racing is exciting and fascinating.

Arm Wrestling

Arm wrestling has seen a massive surge in popularity in the past few years. Thanks to arm wrestling legends like Devon Larratt and Denis Cyplenkov, many casual viewers have gotten very close to the sport and even started betting on it.

Of course, betting on arm wrestling is still a bit obscure, as it’s not actually the most adrenaline-pumping or dramatic sport. As such, betting options for it are not very widely available, but you can find good options on Asian bookies.

Plus, there’s still not a lot of great live coverage, except for the big arm wrestling competitions. Still, if you’re looking for an unusual sport to bet on, arm wrestling is certainly worth trying out.


This is a bit of a controversial market to bet on, as you’re not betting on real competition. In other words, as WWE is purely an entertainment industry and not a sport in which the competitors fight against each other, betting on it seems like a foolish thing to do.

But, look at it from another perspective. While WWE matches are determined in advance by the organizers, no one outside that circle knows what the outcome of the match will be. So, if you follow the sport regularly and know the trends, you can see solid profits from betting on WWE matches.


Even though curling is an Olympic sport, most sports fans don’t know that it’s possible to bet on it. And, those who are familiar with curling betting know that it takes a lot of effort to master all of the terminology and rules.

There’s not much excitement in curling betting, but it involves a lot of finesse and strategy. Curling is an excellent sport to bet on if you want a slow sport that often feels like betting on a chess match.

The favorites are most often easy to predict, so the betting odds aren’t usually very high. After all, you’re mostly betting that one side will slide the rocks closer to the mark than the other side.

Rock, Paper, Scissors

It’s unbelievable how a simple childhood game like rock, paper, scissors can become so exciting when you add real money betting to the equation. If you ask rock, paper, scissors players, all of them will tell you that this is a real sport, even though it doesn’t require any physical skill or athletic abilities.

Still, from our perspective as bettors, rock, paper, scissors is a great sport to bet on. That said, like most sports we’re discussing in this article, finding sportsbooks to bet at is a bit tricky. However, if you want to try it out, it’s best to do so during big tournaments, like the RPS World Championship or RPS Online Championship.


We left the most unique and unpredictable sport for last. Based on the fictional sports from the popular Harry Potter franchise, very few people could ever think of quidditch becoming a real sports people could actually bet on. While there are no flying broomsticks involved like in the books and movies, quidditch, or muggle quidditch, is a pretty athletic sport.

The extraordinary nature of the sport makes it interesting to bettors who aren’t even fans of Harry Potter, as betting on quidditch is certainly unlike any other sports betting market. The sport even has a governing body called the International Quidditch Association, founded over a decade ago.

You probably never heard of some of these games, so if you want to stick with something more familiar like poker, check how to play in loose games and tune up your strategy for today’s opponents.


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