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A Quick Look at Some of the Most Common Online Casino Bonuses

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Let's take a look at the two main types of jackpot offers before moving on to discuss more specific bonus packages

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Have you been thinking about taking a foray into the world of online casinos? If so, there are literally thousands of portals to examine in detail. You will also have to take into account several pragmatic variables such as the type of security protocols present, your customer support options and what payment methods are accepted. However, it is just as prudent to mention that casino bonuses will often influence your ultimate decision. These rewards are able to increase your bankroll, to provide access to extra games and to encourage you to remain loyal over time. Let's first take a look at the two main types of jackpot offers before moving on to discuss more specific bonus packages.

Online Jackpots Explained

Casino jackpots are without a doubt some of the most attractive amenities associated with any online portal. In fact, some can equate to millions of dollars, euros or pounds (depending upon where you are located). There are two common types to appreciate:

  • Straight jackpots
  • Progressive jackpots

Straight jackpots are the easiest to understand. These are simply pots defined by the casino provider in question which equate to a certain amount of money. In the event of a victory, one or more players will split the associated winnings. 

Progressive jackpots are also quite commonplace and yet, they are fundamentally different. The amount of money within the jackpot increases over time (hence the terminology). In other words, a jackpot which remains untouched could eventually offer astronomical rewards. These jackpots are often associated with games such as slots, bingo and roulette. 

Additional Online Casino Bonuses

While jackpots are certainly impressive, we need to remember that there are a host of equally attractive amenities to enjoy. These often come in the form of bonuses. Bonuses serve two key roles. They will be utilised in order to entice a new player to join a specific website. They are also powerful ways to reward those who have remained members for a long period of time. Here is a quick breakdown of some common online casino bonuses:

  • Matched deposit bonuses (the casino matches the amount that the player initially deposits after the registration process as been completed).
  • Referral bonuses (players are rewarded with free spins or credits if they encourage a friend or family member to join).
  • VIP rewards (these can include access to hidden games, higher payouts or reduced transfer fees).

It should also be made clear that every casino tends to offer a different "spin" of the options mentioned above. This is why it is always a good idea to examine their rewards programmes in greater detail in order to better understand what portal could represent the best choice for your playing preferences.

Casino bonuses are some of the best ways to leverage the opportunities provided by these modern online platforms. Appreciating the types of jackpots and rewards that exist will also help you to make an informed decision without breaking the proverbial bank.



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