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Biggest Poker Memories in 2019

1,200 Views on 14/1/20

The poker scene in 2019 saw quite a few memorable moments

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The poker scene in 2019 saw quite a few memorable moments. From the biggest poker tournament ever to utter madness at the World Series of Poker. Poker history is littered with stories that hardly seem able to be true, but what we saw in Las Vegas was truly unbelievable.

Here is our look at some of the best poker memories from 2019.

Biggest Poker Tournament in History

The Triton High Roller Series is going from strength to strength. Some even opine that it might be considered the true World Series in this day and age.

After touring in places such as Jeju, South Korea, and Montenegro, the Triton Series arrived in London to run their usual schedule of high roller tournaments featuring the best players on the panet. Only this time they had something special in mind - a £1 million charity event.

This was to be the biggest poker tournament in history.

Although it was Aaron Shu Nu Zang who took the plaudits, Bryn Kenney had the better side of the heads up deal and took home $20,563,324. 

It’s going to be a while before any poker tournament winner collects more than that.

Chris Moneymaker Inducted in the Hall of Fame

After how poker was transformed following Chris Moneymaker’s famous victory in the WSOP Main Event 2003, it was only just a matter of time before he was given this recognition.

The American, who qualified for the tournament through an $82 satellite online, defied the odds and walked away with his life changed forever.

Many have continuously pointed out that Moneymaker has never been considered one of the game’s elite players, but neither has he ever claimed to be so. This is why we love the game of poker, and why people always keep coming back to play.

After his role in growing the game to incredible heights he surely deserves his place in the hall of fame.

Insanity at the World Series of Poker

While poker has no doubt thrown up more than its fair share of characters over the years, this year’s World Series of Poker gave us two incidents we never thought we’d see.

Russian born Georgii Belianin stunned onlookers during the main event when he swiped a pile of chips that did not belong to him into his own stack. Belianin was reportedly drunk, which he later admitted in an apology statement.

Those who know the man said this was totally out of character but this did not change the feelings of tournament director Jack Effel who immediately disqualified Belianin.

The young Russian was clearly having a bad day, but it got worse when he tried to return to his hotel room only to be reminded he was now banned from all Caesars properties world wide. This resulted in a night in the cells after a confrontation.

The second bout of insanity is as bad as it gets. Ken Strauss shoved all-in without checking his cards then proceeded to drop his pants and bare himself at the whole playing hall. After shouting some random abuse he then took off one of his shoes and threw it at the dealer.

As you might expect he was soon escorted from the property. Later he was banned from another casino and soon began making terror threats to businesses in Las Vegas. After being locked up on terrorism related charges he was found unfit to stand trial and sent to a secure hospital.

You really couldn’t make it up. This isn’t something you will find in any American Casino Guide.

Bryn Kenney Breaks the $50 Million Barrier

Daniel Negeranu stood atop the live tournament winnings list for a long time. When Justin Bonomo overtook him we thought he may start to race away, but then the Triton Series intervened and Bryn Kenney was the man to benefit.

The $20 million plus that he won in the £1 million charity event raced him past the $40 million mark and also past $50 million. With so many high roller tournaments being offered all over the globe these days it really makes you think that $100 million will be seen in the coming years.


Mark Patrickson

Mark Patrickson is a professional cash game player grinding stakes up to 100nl 6 Max NL Hold'em13 years experience of poker, across MTT SnG and cash, FL PL NL.Currently living in South East Asia and trying to make it back to mid-stakes befo ... Read More

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