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Maximize Your Poker Earnings

Casinobee.com's Ultimate Guide to VIP Casinos: How to Get Started with High rolling Gambling

1,977 Views on 15/3/23

Casinobee has provided enough information to help players become VIP members and understand the benefits that come with it

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Getting started at a casino can be a good way to make more money, but not all casinos offer VIP services, which is the first thing high rollers who want to enjoy special privileges at a casino site should look out for before registering. Many casinos offer bonuses but do not meet the players' expectations and do not offer special promotions or services such as VIP Casino Sites. Many players look to become VIP members of a casino site because it is one of the surest ways to get extra bonuses and rewards practically free of charge. In this article, Casinobee has provided enough information to help players become VIP members and understand the benefits that come with it.

How to be a VIP Member in an Online Casino

Becoming a VIP member is quite simple and easy; all players need to do is:

  • Look for a good casino offering VIP services
  • Register and make a deposit
  • Make transactions for deposits and betting consistently on the site
  • Make high stakes bets to increase your chance of being picked to be a VIP member
  • You can check the online casino's requirement for VIP members and try to meet it.
  • After the requirements are met or a player is picked, the VIP special features are then made available.

Bonuses and Privileges available to VIP Members of a VIP Casino

There are various types of benefits available to players that are VIP members, and these bonuses are subject to the casino site in question as compiled by Casinobee.

Welcome Bonus

Vip casino offers higher cash or kind welcome bonuses than the normally available ones. As VIP customers, players can get a bigger welcome bonus upon their first deposit, which can be between 1000 to 2000 pounds, to make about 300% of their deposit.

Higher Minimum Deposit to give a Bigger Bonus

Various online casinos give bonuses after a minimum deposit, but for VIP players, there is a higher minimum deposit requirement to give bigger bonuses to the players. The bigger your deposit, the bigger your bonus as a VIP.

Free Spins Free of Charge

Many casinos offer free spins to players after a requirement is met, but VIP members can earn free spins on selected slot games without any prior task or deposit. Many times more than normal, the free spins dropped into their casino account without charge.

Personalized Attention

As VIP members, players can get the attention of the casino managers to get important information directly concerning the casino site. This is made available to special VIP members that have proven that they deserve the best from the casino and are treated as such.

High stakes Variants

There are many high-stakes games available at VIP casino sites. VIP members have high-stakes slots, poker, and blackjack made available to them to make high stakes, and bigger wins.

VIP Club

There are many programs available to VIP members of a VIP casino site; they may include special events and award programs exclusive to the VIP members of the casino.

Redeem Loyalty points for Rewards.

VIP players can redeem their loyalty points to get cash, free spins, paid trips, entry into tournaments, lucky items, and other forms of rewards.

Better Bonus Deals at VIP Online Casino

The match bonus percentage on the VIP casino sites is marvelous and can be up to 300% match deposit bonus compared to the normal casino bonus, which is a maximum 100% bonus. A wagering requirement is also subject to the normal casino deposit bonus, which means VIP players with bigger deposits get more bonus funds.

Mobile VIP Casino

Most times, the top VIP casino offers a mobile-friendly website that makes it easy for members to access on any mobile device and on the go. The bonuses and privileges are also available on mobile devices, making it easier for players to redeem or win rewards while operating their mobile devices.


There are VIP casinos available to players who want to enjoy special features or privileges on the casino site, think of themselves as high rollers, or want to be considered special and treated as such. VIP casinos are available online and can be accessed by meeting the requirements to be one. Various benefits come with being a casino's VIP member, which Casinobee explains in this article.


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