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Maximize Your Poker Earnings

Five Best Tips To Win at Video Poker!

1,628 Views on 17/11/21

We'll give you the five best tips that will help you learn winning strategies and beat the casino at their own game

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It seems like everyone is trying to win at video poker these days. But most people don't know the best way. We'll give you the five best tips that will help you learn winning strategies and beat the casino at their own game!

1) Don't Play Their Game - OK, so you're sitting at the video poker machine, and the casino is taking their percentage on every hand you play. The game seems like it's stacked against you -- after all, that's what casinos do! They try to win your money over time by playing percentages. But there are
certain hands you can hold that will increase your chances of winning.

2) Always Play the Highest Paying Hand! That's right -- if you're dealt a pair of Jacks, play them both. If you've got a straight flush, hold all five cards! It seems counterintuitive to keep giving the casino free cards when you have a certain hand. But this is where the math comes in -- if you hold one of several very high-paying hands, you will more than make up what you lose on the lower-paying hands.

3) Watch Out for Those Deuces! - Yes, that's right. The dreaded deuce has killed many video poker players. It seems like it's impossible to win when you get dealt a deuce, right? Wrong! You've only got to worry if the deuce is accompanied by something else. If you are dealt three of a kind or four of a kind, toss that deuce! It will lower your chances of winning.

4) Play for the Royal Flush - You will notice several kinds of royal flushes. The most common one is when you get all five cards in sequence but not in the same suit. You'll win big if you get dealt this. But it's also possible to get four cards in sequence. And if you've got three, don't throw them away -- you still have a chance for the royal flush!

5) Find Your Perfect Game - So now that you're playing the right hands, what's your strategy? There are way too many variations of video poker out there these days. Look up your local casino's pay tables online, and find the one that pays out the best over time. Then settle into a comfortable chair with a strong drink for a long evening of video poker!

So there you go -- five surefire ways to win at video poker. All it takes is some math, a little patience, and the perfect hand.


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