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Maximize Your Poker Earnings

How Much is a Rake Race Worth?

7,054 Views on 23/2/11

Rake races are undoubtedly an important tool in every affiliate's arsenal, but what do they mean for a player?

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Rake Race

Rake races are undoubtedly an important tool in every affiliate's arsenal, but what do they mean for a player?

We’ve found that it's extremely rare for affiliates to offer races that are truly exclusive. If two affiliates each run a $20k race, it can often be profitable for them to combine and create a $30k super race. Not only does this save each affiliate $5k but, it also galvanises their players, generates more rake and attracts new customers. Once these new players have been signed up, it’s usually impossible to change affiliates or open another affiliate tagged account on the network.

It’s very hard to identify these races, but unless it’s made explicitly clear the race is exclusive, it’s probably not! Although companies like Deuces Cracked and Drag The Bar offer great coaching services, their affiliate channels are outsourced to other affiliates. This often results in players competing against fields far more competitive than they anticipated and ultimately losing value.

The easiest way to combat this phenomenon is to thoroughly research an affiliate before signing up. It’s a good idea to scroll to the bottom of the page. If the site is part of an affiliate network it’s likely this will be stated here.


  • Research the affiliate. If affiliating is a second source of income for the site (coaching sites, for example) then it’s likely they’re part of an affiliate network and you’re not getting what you’re signing up for.
  • Check last months race results. Is this a race you can compete in?
  • Examine the rest of the deal. Races are great promotional tools, but it’s unlikely they’re making up a significant portion of your value back.

Even if you’re about to sign up with another affiliate you can contact us and we will outline the value of their promotions and help you see through the smoke and mirrors. We will never mislead you. There is no small print at PokerVIP!


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