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Maximize Your Poker Earnings

How To Find The Online Casinos With Best Ratings

1,731 Views on 25/1/22

Here is how to find the best casinos and work out which are the best for you

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As the online casino industry continues to grow at a rapid rate and more people turn to their phones, tablets, and computers to play games, there has been an inevitable increase in the number of casinos in the market.

That’s why many sites, like this one, classify the best casinos and bookmakers so you don’t need to worry about that: https://smartcasinoguide.com/best-online-casino-rating-list/

From when there was once a handful of online casino operators, now there are now literally thousands. In fact, a report from the American Gaming Association said there are now more than 3,000 online casinos in existence!

With so many to choose from, how do you separate the excellent online casinos from the rubbish ones? Which can you trust, and which are bogus operators?

It might be easier to simply go with the older, more established casinos, but that would ignore many of the excellent newcomers that might deserve your attention. Equally, you deserve the best casinos for your gaming preferences and those might be better suited to a lesser-known operator compared to one of the bigger sites.

One of the most effective ways to judge a casino’s quality is by its ratings, so here is how to find the best casinos and work out which are the best for you.

Research Review Sites

In tandem with the huge increase of active online casinos, the Internet has also been flooded by casino review sites. Scroll through pages of Google and you will see hundreds of websites providing reviews on online casinos and the latest games, plus any other relevant news and guides to the industry.

Many of these sites, particularly those with large followings, also have member feedback features, so visitors can see what other players are saying about casinos.

These casino review sites typically rate and rank casinos using a combination of metrics, including range of games, quality of website and app, welcome and loyalty bonuses, payment methods, customer service, and player feedback. Based on the average score across the chosen areas (usually out of 5 or 10), the review site will provide an overall rating and rank the casino according to that score.

The better review sites also have filter options, so you can view the best rated casinos based on your personal preferences. This could include filtering only casinos available in your country, selecting casinos by certain payment methods, or choosing the best-rated casinos based on your preferred games (a highly rated casino for poker, many not be the same as one with a strong score for slots).

Take the time to research three or four casino review sites and see which online casinos consistently feature at the top – based on the filters that are applicable to you. This should give you a strong indication on the best rated casinos.

Check out the Latest Awards

Another effective way to learn about the best-rated casinos is to check out the recent winners and nominees from major award ceremonies.

There are numerous award events that recognize the best in the online casino industry every year, including things likes the Global Gaming Awards, Europe Gaming Awards, International Gaming Awards, The Casino Awards (formerly known as the British Casino Awards, and the SBC Awards.

These organizations have a range of categories in which they announce nominees and crown winners, including casino operator of the year, best mobile operator, best new casino, and even categories like best customer service.

With winners decided by a panel of experienced and qualified judges, you will know that there is no bias or ulterior motive behind which casinos receive awards.


Finding online casinos with the best ratings will help inform your decision for which operator is best suited to you and your preferences. Take time to research a few trusted review sites and remember to include any necessary filters, if needed.

Alongside that research, see which casinos have been picking up awards in recent years as this will give you an indication of the industry leaders.


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