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How to Play Poker- A Quick Guide

2,266 Views on 10/12/21

Here is a quick guide on how to play one of the most popular card games

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Poker's increasing popularity has attracted a lot of people to the game. But for those who do not know how the game works, the situation may be a little confusing. Not everyone knows the rules of poker or how to play it well. Well, if you are a beginner and want to know more about this game, here is a quick guide on how to play one of the most popular card games.

How To Play The Game?

STEP 1: Antes and Blinds
If this is a No-Limit Hold 'em cash game, the players will usually have to post small and big blind bets before they get dealt cards. The big blind bet usually doubles the amount of the small one.

STEP 2: Deal the Cards
Two players (usually) share each deck. The player to the dealer's left is generally assigned "the button," or if there are no blinds, the player closest to the small blind may be given this position for all hands. The two players who get cards share each deck - one card each at first. The button moves clockwise after each hand so that the order is always clockwise.

STEP 3: First Betting Round
Once the cards have been dealt with, there will be a round of betting. The bets must stay in front of your hands; no hiding is allowed. The person to the dealer's left starts with a small bet, called the "small blind," and then goes clockwise around the table. After that, if there are no raises, you go back to the player who made the big bet (the big blind).

The size of the bet depends on what limits are being played. This is part of how you establish your playing style, so take some time to consider it.

STEP 4: Who Shows First?
Whoever shows their cards first before the flop is usually at a disadvantage, but depending on the kind of game you're playing or your opponents, it may be more advantageous to show first.

You might want to "showdown" (that is, reveal your cards) when you have a monster hand or if you're trapping another player. But if someone bets too much, you'll probably fold immediately anyway!

STEP 5: Second Betting Round
There is another round of betting after the flop. Before this round, you must either raise or call (check is not allowed). After betting, there will be a third community card dealt on the table and another round of betting. This process continues until all five community cards have been dealt face up in the middle of the table.

STEP 6: The Final Betting Round
After the fifth card is dealt, there is one last round of betting. Again, you must post a bet or fold your hand for this final round. The person who ends up with the best five-card poker hand wins the pot!


The only way to play Poker for beginners is through lots of practice, but this guide should give you the basic knowledge of the rules and some general strategy. The real skill comes from understanding your opponents and playing against them!


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