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Man Wins $1.8 Million Jackpot at James Bond Slots

1,778 Views on 13/3/20

Arizona was struck by a surprising gambling event recently

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Arizona was struck by a surprising gambling event recently, something that happens rarely, but when it happens, it catches the attention of the press, gambling enthusiasts and casino workers alike. One lucky man, nicknamed by the press Ed, so his real identity will be protected, seemingly did the impossible. He won the Jackpot prize at a James Bond-themed slot machine in the Gila River Casino (Wild Horse Pass, AZ) and the sum came close to $1.8 million. Surely, this type of happy news comes rarely to slot machine enthusiasts, but one such piece of news will keep them going and dreaming of the big money. Nowadays, it’s even easier to win on slots, as you can do it on your computer. If you’re in doubt about the best slot sites, you can click right here to find a handy site that can guide you through the process.

Even though what happened is rare and it’s a miracle for the winner, it comes as no surprise that it happened in Arizona. It might not be so well known as a gambling hot spot, shadowed by the iconic Las Vegas and the flashy Atlanta, but pros come here to relax and bet big. With its lovely landscapes and beautiful cities, a lot of resorts have been built over the years. And the biggest and most elegant ones also incorporate high-end casinos, all packed at full capacity with classic tables, as well as slot machines. In one such resort, namely the Gila River resort, lucky Ed played and won the jackpot.

Gila River is dedicated to slot machine gaming, as the Wild Horse location has a huge room dedicated to them only and the number of machines goes up to 1000. This is not a novelty thing for casinos of this scale as a great majority of big gambling houses give slots and video Poker machines a lot space, knowing that these attract clientele. And the modern times brought with them a new look for these machines. Nowadays, every famous movie franchise or TV series, every online series or artist that wants a bit more fame has a slot game with their brand on it. Gila River has pop culture-themed slots like Sex and the City and James Bond, the latter being the source of the great win. 

Funnily enough, the type of slot that generated the huge prizes was a gambling themed one. The images and symbols embedded in the game are all taken from the 2006 Casino Royale Bond movie. All movies from that series involve spying and adventure, but this particular one has an extra dose of gambling in its plot. The showdown between Her Majesty’s spy and the villain Le Chiffre happens at a high-roller Poker table in Montenegro. Major events that affect the plot are revealed at the game, from the players, their way of betting and of course, what gestures they do when they are bluffing. It seems that all this concept made the machine lucky for at least one lad. 

The exact sum that was won in this particular situation was of $1,776,989.25 according to the local online press. The sum is without a doubt a very impressive one even for a Jackpot type prize, as they are advertised as unique and huge at the same time. However, it seems that the player hit a very rare combination of lines and symbols while using the max bet option. If you’re unfamiliar with the concept, it basically means that every spin is valued at a much higher price than usual, so that the potential win is directly proportional. Usually spins are worth a few cents (both in physical slots and online slots too), but according to reports the bet Ed was using was of $5.40. 

Jackpots are real, but the truth of the matter is that they are defined by their rare nature. A lot of factors need to meet in one moment so the player can touch the biggest prize of them all. The casino needs to respect all the regulations, the machines need not to be meddled with, the bets have to be big and the game itself complex enough to have a progressive winning streak. Regardless, slots are loved, and they populate both the digital and classic gambling worlds. Occurrences like this keep them on the positive side of players.


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