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More US States Are Legalizing Sports Betting: Here Is Some Information About the Latest States

1,226 Views on 3/11/21

The US Supreme Court has made sports betting legal in several regions of the country

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The US Supreme Court has made sports betting legal in several regions of the country. Some states have already enacted legislation to legalize sports betting within their jurisdictions, while a number of other states are still waiting to allow it. It is worth noting that no two states have the same law. Sports gambling has existed for decades, but the past year has seen many states legalize or at least partially decriminalize sports betting. Additionally, certain tribes have been licensed to offer online gambling. So far, only Nevada permits "full" sports betting, but Delaware, Mississippi, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia have legalized it in recent months. Other states are looking to follow suit. So, check on what sports are available for betting before placing your wager.

With recent changes in the law, sports betting is now legal in a growing number of states. Nevada, long a bastion for sports betting, may no longer be the only state providing significant sports betting volume. New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Mississippi have all passed legislation that will provide new markets for sports bettors. The United States' legal sports betting market may be on the cusp of some significant changes, which will open the door of new opportunities for bettors, game developers, and bookmakers to explore various commercial options aside from playing poker games online. In particular, these changes create opportunities for new commercial activities regarding mobile technologies and fantasy sports.

As more states are putting sports betting in the news it can be easy to become overwhelmed. There are multiple sports betting bills currently in the works, supported by state legislatures in sixteen states.

Below are some of the latest states in the US that have legalized sports betting:


Punters in Alabama could soon place their bets on college and professional sports after state lawmakers voted overwhelmingly to legalize sports wagering. The move is the latest in a series of states legalizing sports betting in the past year. As more states embrace the practice, the issue is expected to gain momentum at both federal and state levels.

Legalized sports betting will allow for an opportunity for new businesses and employment growth in Alabama. In fact, it has been estimated that sports betting would bring $85 million in new annual revenue in Alabama.


Currently, multiple bills are being considered across the country. The most recent of which is in Massachusetts, where the bill, SB 177, resembles previously failed legislation but features higher application fees and tax rates. The bill contains some exceptions that offer more protection to professional sports leagues.

It's a miniature of a much larger issue problematizing the casino industry as the sector expands its sportsbooks across the country and a new arena opens in a major market. While last year's failed efforts at change came close to passing, the issue is harder to tackle this time around given Massachusetts' entrenched position. The law raises the application fee to $10 million with a tax rate of 15 percent. The bill prohibits wagers on local colleges and requires official league data for betting. In addition to online options, legal sports betting could be offered at casinos, racetracks, and slot parlors along with Gillette Stadium, the Boston Garden, and Fenway Park.


Georgia could be a boon for the gaming industry because the legal age to gamble is 18, and adults in Georgia spend more per capita on lottery tickets than residents of any other U.S. state. There are already two casinos in the state, including one owned by the sovereign nation of the Oglala Lakota Nation in South Dakota that has been doing business in Georgia since 2010.

Supporters of the House bill 86, in Georgia say they don’t expect it to generate significant tax revenue because the sports betting market in Georgia is small. Nevertheless, they hope that legal sports betting will reduce illegal gambling. A report from the American Gaming Association found that there were at least 15 million Americans who had bet on sports illegally in 2011.


The latest state to legalize sports betting is Kansas. This means that the state now joins the growing list of states that have passed legislation in recent years to allow sports betting. The bill was made a law on March 27. This is a quick turnaround as it was only three weeks ago that lawmakers approved the measure, and now those changes are now law.


For players in the US, regulated sports betting offers an attractive alternative to the black market. Legal sites are much more trustworthy than black markets, and legal sportsbooks often offer lower juice than illegal bookies. For this reason, more states are legalizing online sports betting every year.

If you’re busy surfing through all this information while you’re on a journey, there will be external distractions and interruptions for sure. For a more hassle-free, focused surfing click here to follow these tips.

The idea of socially-acceptable sports betting is gaining momentum across the United States, with more states legalizing online sports betting, making it easier for users to access legalized gambling products.


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