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The Changing Face of Poker

11,607 Views on 30/11/15

As the industry has evolved and improved, major operators have gradually begun to incorporate new features into their platforms in order to keep up with the changing times.

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Lady Gaga once stated that people couldn't read her poker face. The same now seems to be true of the iGaming industry. As the industry has evolved and improved, major operators have gradually begun to incorporate new features into their platforms in order to keep up with the changing times.

Although it may be a little tricky to read these changes in the moment, it's possible to get a clue as to how the industry is changing by looking out for some tells. Interesting changes that have manifested themselves in reality, these tells are signs that the poker industry is on the up and players are set to receive a better deal.

Poker Platforms Evolving into Something Greater


Probably the biggest indication that the online poker industry is in a state of change can be seen at the market leader, PokerStars. Once limiting itself to poker, the site has gradually increased its gaming repertoire in recent months and now boasts a selection of casino options.

From blackjack, like they play in The Hangover, to roulette and slots, poker players with an urge to take on variance in a different way can access a host of new options inside the PokerStars 7 platform. Fully integrated and interconnected, the software is a manifestation of how modern poker players are demanding more bang for their buck.

Strategic and Technical Similarities

Chess Pieces

Of course, there are obvious differences between casino and poker games; however, there are some core concepts that should breed a sense of familiarity for poker players. Beyond simple concepts such as hand rankings (casino Hold'em and Texas Hold'em poker rank hands in the same way), arguably the most significant similarity is the notions of variance and, moreover, its relationship with odds. Each game, regardless of the format, engages players in a dynamic where odds and chance go hand-in-hand.

Using a combination of logic, skill and mathematical analysis, poker grinders and casino players are able to ride a way of variance towards a (hopefully) profitable outcome. Because of this theoretical connection between the two disciplines it's possible for players to easily switch from game-to-game and enjoy some degree of success.

From a functional point of view, casino and poker games also have a number of technological links. When you log into Poker Stars Casino you'll be able to scroll through its list of credentials and find a certified random number generator powering its games. For seasoned poker players, the concept of RNGs is a familiar one and something that should inspire confidence that each turn of a card will be fair.

Another similarity between online poker and online casino gaming is the ability to converse with players and fire up multiple games in a single session. One of the main reasons the iGaming industry is converging and operators such as PokerStars are bringing together all facets of the industry is to create a more communal atmosphere. Taking inspiration from other online industries, iGaming is becoming a more unified product.

iGaming Learning from the Big Boys

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Why would a poker operator such as PokerStars want to augment an already successful platform with a string of new options? The answer is simple: connectivity breeds greater immersion and, therefore, entertainment. The World Wide Web was designed to connect people and ideas and aid the proliferation of knowledge. However, as new industries have grown up online they've become separate entities of their own.

For example, YouTube and Spotify were once the scourge of the traditional music industry because they gave users a more instant way to enjoy their favourite artists. However, thanks to a merging of interests, record labels, artists and online portals are all now working as one. The same is true of the TV industry. Online streaming and video archives are now standard for all the largest TV networks in the world, such as the BBC or FOX.

Poker and Casino are Better as One

Poker Chips

The iGaming industry has simply taken this model and adapted to suit its own needs. As the industry has moved into the mainstream, there's been an increased need to cater to more tastes and offer more options to the casual player. The net result of this has been a shift towards cohesion and the creation of super platforms where poker and casino games now exist in the same space. Much like YouTube and major record labels, users can now access every part of an industry with a few simple clicks.

As Aristotle said "the whole is greater than the sum of its parts" and that's true of the iGaming industry. Complete platforms are beginning to prosper in new ways and that can only be a good thing for players from all sides of the gaming spectrum.


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