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Maximize Your Poker Earnings

Tips for Online Poker Beginners

4,729 Views on 28/7/20

There are many tips and tricks that new poker players can read and use to their advantage

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It isn’t always easy to start something new, especially if you’ve never tried anything similar. The same goes for online poker games. Luckily, there are many tips and tricks that new poker players can read and use to their advantage. Moreover, the amount of available information these days is astounding. This means that you will be able to get full details about online poker games and avoid basic mistakes right from the start.

Keep reading to find out more about how to start playing online poker.

Be Aggressive

It might sound odd that we’re advising you to be aggressive as a beginner, but players that pick to play more aggressive hands are bound to have more luck in the long run. But what does this mean?

As a new poker player, you should come into the pot for a raise in most cases. Even better, if you are the first person into the pot, you should always start strong. For example, you should make your raise three times the big blind in most online poker games. Keep in mind that live poker games will require a more significant raise.

The reason for being aggressive is to have control of the pot. So, if you have a betting lead, it will be easier to win the pot after the flop.

Stay on Fewer Than 5 Tables

When choosing to play online poker, you can play on as many tables as possible to maximize your winnings. It’s essential for beginner poker players not to try to focus on too many poker tables at first.

Try to stay on fewer than five tables if you are still unsure of your poker skills. Anything more than that at the very start will make you lose focus and lead to more mistakes. Moreover, if you haven’t played poker at all, you should start with one table at https://www.loyalcasino.com/en.

Furthermore, try to keep your position at the table. Basically, if you act last after the flop, it will give you many options to decide how to act after your opponents' hands. By doing this, you will be dictating the pace of the game, and your opponents will always wonder what your next move is going to be.

Stay Within Your Bankroll

It’s easy to get carried away with your money once you start playing online poker. Since you don’t have the cash or chips in your hands, the idea of how much you’re spending is abstract.

Set aside a number that you want to spend during one game or one week of online playing and try your hardest not to go over that number. Some online poker platforms will allow you to make a limited weekly or monthly deposit and then ban you from playing once you reach that limit.

Keep in mind that poker is a game of variance, so it’s normal to have ups and downs during the game — sometimes you’ll win, sometimes you’ll lose.

Don’t Chase Draws

Most beginners make the mistake of chasing draws, but you should know some basic poker math before you make a choice about your pot odds.

Ultimately, if your hand odds are worse than your pot odds, you don’t want to call a draw. On the other hand, there are many cases where you wish to raise with your draw because it can cause opponents to fold their hands.


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