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Twitch and Online Poker

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Today it is estimated millions of people use Twitch daily with a sizable portion being poker related.

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Appearing online in 2011 Twitch was created for gamers, video game fans to share tips, insights, videos and more. Today it is estimated millions of people use Twitch daily with a sizable portion being poker related.

So what is Twitch doing for online poker?

Increasing popularity

Twitch is one of the many millennial creations that has helped bring new popularity and lifeblood to online poker. By tapping into the popularity of Twitch many online casinos have enjoyed an influx of new players. This is in part thanks to streaming. Today casino streaming allows would be players access to the to the thoughts, processes and skills of many top poker players. (It is important to note that there is up to a 5-minute delay on streams as player’s cards are shown).

Years ago this information would only have been found in a player’s autobiography. Undoubtedly, streaming has inspired a new generation of poker players looking to emulate the success of their icons. 

Below are some of the most popular Twitch poker channels to date (in no particular order): Jason SomervilleBen Spragg, The Bellagio Hotel & CasinoAdrian Fenix and many more.


Although Twitch is a free service some Twitch accounts offer fans subscriptions for certain player profiles. This usually allows extra benefits including live chat. There is also the possibility in the future for sponsorship deals to be made by companies for Twitch accounts similar to what we now see in eSports.

It’s not just players who are getting in on the money with casinos and hotels also looking to cash in. Notably The Bellagio Hotel & Casino can be found on Twitch under the username @BellagioPOTS. Streaming games live from their poker room the Bellagio has found another way to promote their hotel & casino, while making a few bucks. 

The negatives of money on Twitch is that there will always be people creating accounts for the sole reason of financial game. While no one would begrudge anyone cashing in on the potential Twitch offers it is a shame that some of the new poker stars do not have a genuine love of poker.

New Celebrities

As well as streaming capabilities Twitch also allows fans to interact with their poker heroes. These online Twitch fan bases have created a new type of celebrity.  One such poker player who has capitalized on his new found Twitch fame is Jason Somerville @JPCARVER. The WSOP Bracelet winner now has around 10 million followers on the stream site. However, the stream site is not for everyone as we saw Doug Polk leave Twitch earlier this month.

Growing audiences and increased revenue options means Twitch has all the potential to become the next YouTube. However instead of finding the next great singer or personality, Twitch will find the next great gamers. It could even be said that Twitch is a new form of reality TV.

Allowing such an intimate level of access can sometimes come at a cost especially if a player makes a bad move online or even offline. Although some will argue that this level of access adds entertainment, for players looking to concentrate on poker it must be quite daunting.

Good, Bad or Ugly it is via streaming the best and worst moments of players and tournaments that will inspire fans to sign up to play online poker in hopes of becoming a Twitch star.

What role will Twitch play in the future of poker?

Despite all the negatives poker on Twitch is set for even more growth in the coming years. Whether you’re in favor or against Twitch there is no denying that it has helped increase the popularity of poker. Share your opinion and keep up to date with all the hottest poker news on



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