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What are the biggest gambling authorities around the world?

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Gambling authorities

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Without gambling authorities in place such as the UK Gambling Commission and the Malta Gaming Authority, the online gambling realm would be like the wild west. In this sense, I mean that rogue businesses could be operating unfairly and there could be a lot of money laundering going on.

And of course, neither of these is appealing to people like me want an entertaining and fair experience online. And so it’s beneficial universally that we have these authorities in place. It means that if I want to use resources such as newcasinos.com/ to find a new site to play at, I can check that they are indeed licensed by the MGA or similar Top Level Licencing Authority, so I know that you’re being treated fairly.

Who are the big authorities?

But who are the big authorities that dominate the gambling regulation landscape? Well, that’s what I’m going to be looking at today so next time you see a mobile casino that you want to play at, you know what license to look for so that you know that you’re in safe hands. For example, any gambling site with a license from the MGA, I know, is going to be held to very high standards to ensure that they’re providing a great experience.

This also means that when they are running bonuses and promotions, they are transparent regarding the terms and conditions of said promotions and bonuses. And so let’s have a look at some of the biggest authorities in the world when it comes to holding these operators to account.

The UK Gambling Commission

Within the UK, all of the online brands are licensed and regulated by the UK Gambling Commission. They are responsible for the regulation of both land-based and online operators. This includes all gambling activities, with the exception of sports betting. It has been around since 2005, when it was brought in for the same purpose as all of the other authorities, which was to ensure that a fair gambling experience was being delivered.
It also ensured that all organisations operating within the UK were paying 15% of any revenue generated by its citizens. And so it is very important to the British gambling industry.

Malta Gaming Authority

The Malta Gaming Authority or MGA, has been mentioned already, has been around since 2001 and accounts for nearly 10% of all of the companies in the world being based within its borders. The license offered by the authority is known for being more accessible than that of its British counterpart.

This does not mean that it neglects any of its core duties, though, as it has many guidelines in place that businesses have to abide by to both protect players and their information, as well as enforce the promotion of responsible gambling in order to try and deter and address additional issues.

Gambling Supervision Commission

Just over the sea from the UK mainland is the Isle of Man and this is home to the Gambling Supervision Commission or GSC, as it’s commonly known. This particular authority is known for being strict and robust, requiring a high standard. It’s for this reason that it has become very popular with online operators, as having a license from the GSC gives the impression that they really do care about their customers and are known for having a high standard of regulation.

They oversee both internet and land-based gambling on the island. Aside from the gambling requirements, when it comes to regulation, they also need to demonstrate that they are enforcing fair business practices.

Curacao Internet Gambling Association

The final authority I’m going to look at today, even though there are many others around the world, is called the Curacao Internet Gambling Association. This may only be a small, independent island that used to be part of the Netherlands, but it does indeed have its own gambling authority.

Which shares influence both from the British and from the Netherlands. The influence of these two countries and their respective practices and legislation has led to it becoming a trustworthy license that online casinos can obtain, which has thus made it very popular amongst offshore operators.
Other authorities that we’ve not mentioned but so you know include:-

● Gibraltar gambling commissioner
● Macau gaming inspection and coordination bureau
● Nevada gaming commission
● Swedish gambling authority

As I have mentioned already, there are many more authorities than the ones that I have mentioned here today that regulate gambling activities in countries all around the world. But there are some that are bigger and more highly known and regarded than others and they are the ones that we can cover here today.

If a site that you’re looking to register at is licensed by any of the authorities that we have covered here today, you can immediately relax as you know that the site that you’re going to play online at has gone through the correct processes to ensure that they are delivering a fair, immersive, transparent, and also entertaining experience for all of their players.


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