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What is a VIP Casino and its Exclusive Benefits

5,451 Views on 25/3/22

The players are not all the same and for high rollers there is a special treatment

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To put it simply a Casino VIP is a private area, or room, within an online casino website dedicated to high rollers. It offers many advantages to player including higher bonuses and exclusive benefits

In fact, thanks to the Casino VIP, players who play with a certain consistency, will receive a Very Important Person treatment. To make a comparison, a Casino VIP room is the equivalent of first class on a scheduled flight.

The players are not all the same and for high rollers there is a special treatment. Not all online casinos offer a VIP section for high rollers, but the best sites do. In this article we are going to discover the world of Casino VIP and what they offer to this niche of very passionate players.

What is a Casino VIP

When you hear Casino VIP your mind takes you to the elegant private rooms of traditional land-based casinos. Those gambling tables seen in the movies, surrounded by men in tuxedos and elegant women, intent on playing fortunes while sipping a drink. Well, in reality you are not too far off track.

As mentioned before Casino VIP is as a private room of an online casino aimed at players with big budgets. Online casinos, like traditional ones, love to take care of players considered more important. In this case these are those who have decent sums to spend on online gaming.

Who are the VIPs in the private room?

Gaming sites in evaluating registered users are quite democratic, there are no celebrities or royalties. Behind the login credentials, the players are all the same. With one exception: among these certainly stand out those with more money to devote to the game. Special attention is given to them, and many sites welcome them from the moment they sign up by dedicating them a high roller welcome bonus.

You don't need to be a famous actor or music star to join the list of casino VIPs, and access the online private rooms. You can also be a complete stranger. Here's what turns a player into a VIP:

  • Availability of large sums of money to devote to the game
  • Availability of time to play constantly
  • Willingness to invest significant capital

The advantages offered by a Casino VIP

What are the benefits for VIP players of online casinos? It will have happened to everyone to peek behind the curtains that separate first class of the plane from the rest of the passengers.

Dedicated hostesses, comfortable seats, special services characterize the VIP areas of the airlines. But what happens in a casino?

The benefits dedicated to high rollers are of various types and sometimes these can also be collected in the real world as well as online. Here are some of the benefits that are generally offered:

  • Welcome bonuses and dedicated promotions: high roller bonuses, special promos, prizes.
  • Exclusive games: slots and tables accessible only to VIP players and dedicated tournaments.
  • VIP online experience: personal and dedicated support, special offers, direct contact lines, faster transactions.
  • Exclusive comps: experiences, luxury dinners, travel, holiday packages, event tickets.

In short, entering an online casino as a VIP allows you to be treated with white gloves and receive first-class treatments.

How to get into a Casino VIP

Getting into a Casino VIP is not for everyone and neither would it be convenient for normal players. In fact, those who play little sums for occasional fun with small sums to spend would not benefit from VIP Clubs.

Entry requirement for the VIP Private Room vary depending on the online casino. In some sites at the time of registration a sort of loyalty card is activated, such as a supermarket points card. This allows you to collect points as you play and increase your status.

Some casinos have teams dedicated to selecting players suitable to be part of the exclusive club. It will be this team that will make the selection and invite the players.

Lastly some online casinos entrust the players with a decent budget to choose the option of entering the VIP club.

Select the casino according to the VIP Club

Those looking for a new online casino rarely pay attention to VIP casinos. But those who can afford it should take care of this aspect as well as the welcome bonus on deposit. It goes without saying that if the budget available is limited, it is better to look into the welcome and the selection of the games.

But if you are part of the inner circle of strong players, then looking into the advantages offered to high roller players is a must. VIP casinos offer exclusive treatments that will increase over time, with increasing advantages. This is why it is essential to evaluate your type of game to understand if a casino has a suitable VIP club.

Establishing an exclusive and special relationship with your operator will lead to very satisfying and tailor-made gaming activities. With so many advantages both online and in the real world.


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