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What is VR Poker and Why It Could Be Big in the Online Casino Industry?

3,659 Views on 26/5/20

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Virtual Reality is a technological system that presents activities in a way that seems real by engaging the sensory nerves of the brain. Virtual reality experience replicates human activities in the brain in such a manner that they appear to be happening in real life. Virtual Reality has been one of the most exceptional outputs of technology and innovation, with its immersive nature getting the best of everyone using it. Virtual Reality sets a user in an artificial (that appears so real) in such a way that movement and interaction with other people in there are allowed.

In bringing a real-life immersive and truly engaging experience, an auditory and visual response is very typical in all virtual reality applications. Virtual Reality has been applied in entertainment (movies, gaming, casinos), fine arts, education, architecture and design, engineering, healthcare, psychology, and others. Against the existing backdrop, our focus is on how virtual Reality is championing innovation and creating a whole new experience in the world of online casinos games, especially poker.

What VR Poker Entails 

It's been reported a number of online casinos in the UK are starting to launch new virtual reality systems. This is as expected, given that players would go any length to maximize fun in their favourite online casino games. VR poker is the experience of playing poker on a virtual reality system, usually with the use of a virtual reality headset.

A virtual reality headset provides the visual and auditory enhancements needed to play virtual reality poker. The headset provides a graphically detailed set of images for both eyes, with a well-filtered sound system that relates the tiniest sound in the most crystalline form. So players avail themselves the gaming equipment provider (different control buttons) and then play the poker game.

Poker, being a table game of chance, has the cards and tables installed in the system and playable on the virtual reality equipment. You also get playing chips and set your bet while also watching the hand movements of other players at the table, as in online poker. At the virtual reality poker table, players get to order drinks, junks, smokes, and even ask for new background music while playing. Thus, virtual reality poker sets a whole new path for online casinos and players to make the best of the game and the novelty accompanying it.

Registering and Playing VR Poker at an Online Casino

Follow the steps below to register at a casino and play virtual reality poker:

  • Know the casinos that offer virtual reality Poker: If you decide to play virtual reality games, then you need to check some of the online casinos that offer virtual reality poker. Try to understand their terms and technology and study it as well. This will help you make a better-informed decision.  
  • Download the virtual reality App: Most of the online casinos that offer virtual reality poker also have the applications, which you have to download. After downloading, go to the settings and set up your account using the options provided.
  • Sign Up, Login or Play Options: Most casinos would require you to register an account with them to play the game, but that won't be an obstacle. This is because you can have a feel of the game before you then decide to create an account with the casino. It's always advised that you try out virtual reality poker or any other form of online gaming before you finally play for real money. This is to gird your loins with the nuances of the game before you start staking on it. You can also log in with your account if you already have one.  
  • Create your avatar: Each player is required to select from a list of characters available, personalize it to suit them and then play with it. Each player is represented by their avatar, with each avatar seating at the table. With the virtual headset, each player starts playing at the table and making play strategies as well.
  • Learn the control motions: The control motions on the keypad are built to help you move around in the virtual environment and interact. The fattest chance of playing your best game on virtual reality poker lies in understanding your control motions properly.

Why VR Could be the Biggest Innovation Witnessed in the Online Casino Landscape

Providing poker and slot games in a way that personifies the player's experience by providing an unparalleled display of events is a take-home for virtual Reality. In light of what is currently obtainable, the novelty of virtual Reality has garnered billions of dollars to the industry. The idea of having a real-life event in an artificial setting that seems very real is what players may never get behind them.

Though a relatively nascent innovation, virtual Reality is certain to be the biggest take-home the online casino industry has seen in recent times. This is not to exclude the fact that most players are yet to reap the fun and thrills of the innovation. Therefore, players should understand that the time is ripe to make the best of virtual reality poker and other games.


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