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Maximize Your Poker Earnings

Where to Find the Most Exciting Poker Tournaments

2,297 Views on 23/7/22

Where can we find exciting poker tournaments in casinos around the world? Let’s take a look.

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We all love a good poker tournament when we have the time, but they’re not all as exciting as each other. Some just have that structure which lights up that internal fire and we’re just raging to go.

There’s some great casinos around the world, both brick-and-mortar and online, that offer the chance to win life-changing money. A brief look at Nettikasinot shows just how many are out there online. But where can we find exciting poker tournaments in casinos around the world? Let’s take a look.

Most Exciting Poker Tournaments

Given that the 2022 World Series of Poker has just ended, it wouldn’t be right to not start with the most exciting events we see at this festival every year.

WSOP Main Event: What could be more exciting than playing against every kind of poker player imaginable for up to $12 million of cash? Not a lot we guess. From rank amateurs who stand no chance to the very elite of the game, the main event has it all. At $10,000 to buy in it isn’t for everyone, but if you don’t know the story of how Chris Moneymaker qualified for the 2003 WSOP Main Event via a $87 satellite tournament then you should check that out.

The Colossus: This event has only a $565 buy-in but some years guarantees $1 million for the winner. It can draw some huge five-figure fields so don’t expect it to be an easy path to big bucks for such a small investment.

The Triton Super High Roller Series is the latest exciting series to hit the scene in the last few years. Geared around livestreaming the action with the very best players in the world battling for insanely high stakes.

We see a combination of what is mostly tournaments but with high-stakes cash games running on the side when there is no event running.

Probably the most exciting tournament seen in Triton Poker was the Triton Million. Aaron Zang defeated Bryn Kenney heads up for the title but only after a deal was agreed. Kenney was to take home an eye-watering £16,890,509 after the remaining £1.1 million was dished out.

For pure excitement, the Triton Super High Roller Series cannot be beaten.

The World Poker Tour also provides plenty of exciting entertainment. Formerly only seen in North America, the WPT now travels to destinations such as the UK, Cyprus, and South Africa.

Buy-ins mostly range from around $3,000-$25,000 but still attract plenty of amateurs looking to play for enjoyment with an exciting style in front of the cameras.

The choice is endless, really. Poker tournaments are an exciting way to play poker and any casino that offers the game should be able to provide plenty of excitement for you with a wide range of buy-ins.


Mark Patrickson

Mark Patrickson is a professional cash game player grinding stakes up to 100nl 6 Max NL Hold'em13 years experience of poker, across MTT SnG and cash, FL PL NL.Currently living in South East Asia and trying to make it back to mid-stakes befo ... Read More


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