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Why New Online Casinos are Better than Established Casinos

1,680 Views on 7/9/21

Let’s go through some reasons why online casinos are better than established ones.

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Even though our brain gets used to new things harder, the same doesn’t apply to the world of gambling. Usually, we tend to associate new casinos with exclusive and better rewards that we haven’t encountered before. And this motivates players to expand gaming horizons and find new platforms.

However, the superiority of the new casinos goes beyond the perception of rewards. Let’s go through some reasons why online casinos are better than established ones.

#1: Awesome Bonuses

New casinos want to make a name for themselves in the gambling industry. Their strategy to attract more customers involves taking away customers from established platforms. When you sign up with a new casino, you’ll likely receive a very generous introductory bonus.

Additionally, the new casinos will also throw in several free spins to make you feel appreciated.

The no deposit bonuses are another feature that new casinos use. As their name suggests, you receive these bonuses without investing any money. You can use this bonus to test out several new online games before choosing.

Established casinos may also have these bonuses. However, since they’ve already set their feet, they aren’t motivated to provide lucrative bonuses. You may, however, enjoy similar rewards if you sign up as a VIP member.

#2: Impressive User-Experience

Exclusive user experience is another strength of new casinos. Platforms adopt the latest casino technology and avail the latest version of games. These casinos go the extra mile to ensure their games are compatible with various mobile devices.

Investment in new technology gives you games with super clear graphics and crisp, clear sound. These characteristics will take your enjoyment of their casino games to the next level.

#3: Variety of Currencies and Payment Methods

The fantastic user experience at new casinos will likely also reflect in their payment methods. These casinos accept just about any currency throughout the world. You don’t have to go into the trouble of converting your currencies into local ones. This flexibility is unlike the established casinos, which prefer to transact in the currency of their location.

Also, new casinos incorporate technologies such as e-wallets and cryptocurrencies in addition to the traditional payment methods.

E-wallets will help you to avoid bank charges. It will also enable you to keep your casino transactions away from your bank. E-wallets also make it easy and convenient to transfer your money digitally.

Meanwhile, cryptocurrency will allow you to transact with casinos while avoiding traditional banking methods. Many established casinos may accept other cryptocurrencies, but they mainly deal with Bitcoin. On the other hand, new casinos accept various cryptocurrencies, including Ethereum, Dash, and BCH, among many others.

#4: Extensive Range of Games

New casinos always want to get ahead fast. An excellent way to attract punters is to introduce games that will satisfy every taste. That’s why new casinos invest in innovative versions of slots, bingo, and table games, among other games.

#5: Security is a Top Priority

Any new casino that hopes to increase its presence can never underestimate the importance of robust security.

Protecting user data from unauthorised access is always a priority. These casinos invest in innovative SSL encryption and firewall technology. These technologies make it harder for unauthorised people to access your data.


In a nutshell, both the established and new casinos have their strengths. They both look for ways to keep punters gambling on their sites.

However, new casino sites know that they have to work harder to establish a market presence. Introducing innovative games, robust security, and an out-of-this-world user experience are common tactics used by new casinos. These new casinos focus on ensuring that you will always be safe while gambling online.

As long as a reputable regulatory body licenses a new casino, your information is safe. Moreover, you can always check out the list of new casino sites by Casinobee.com to elevate your gambling experience.


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