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Maximize Your Poker Earnings

Why Online Casino Stocks Are a Great Investment for 2022

1,891 Views on 10/1/22

The online casino industry has entered the new year on the back of a fantastic 2021

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The online casino industry has entered the new year on the back of a fantastic 2021.

The pandemic destroyed many sectors but gambling businesses saw a huge boom as people were spending more time at home with time to play on sites such as those found at Hyperino.

This surge in revenue has coincided with a rise in mobile gaming where people of all ages are using their smartphones and tablets more than their desktop computers and laptops.

The stage is now set for an explosion of online casinos onto the market with ever more competitive bonus deals giving great value to their customers. This makes 2022 a perfect opportunity to consider investing in online gambling.

Investing in Online Gambling Companies

Leading companies in the gambling industry look to be going through a period of consolidation. The likes of Entain and Flutter are always on the lookout to take over smaller businesses and use their financial clout to exploit any untapped potential.

This doesn’t mean that there isn’t any room for smaller outfits, only that the real behemoths are helping to push the whole industry to new heights.

In Europe there has recently been a significant shift towards the online market from traditional brick-and-mortar casinos, a trend that looks certain to continue, offering an obvious investment opportunity.

Potential investors have the boon that ever more sophisticated software is helping casinos to keep the customers they have as well as attracting many more new ones, too.

Licensing and Legitimacy

Another trend that makes investing in the online casino industry more attractive in 2022 is the modernisation of the licensing process. For many years, the regulatory framework was outdated, from an era before mobile gaming was even really considered.

A prime example is the revamping of the United Kingdom’s Gambling Act 2005. Last year saw a review of the law to “make sure it is fit for the digital age".

The Dutch market is another example where we have seen online gambling firms forced to adhere to the new licensing situation or else face harsh penalties for operating in the region.

All of this speaks towards a great legitimacy for the online casino industry. It is becoming considerably harder for unethical gambling firms to operate in many areas of the world and this can only mean greater potential for those who choose to offer services within the law.

No Closing Time

Another reason to consider investing in online casinos is customers who move to the online market will usually gamble more. There are no closing times in the virtual world and a customer who might have been limited by time in the past can now gamble for as long as they wish.

Overall, this promises to be a significant driving force for the gambling industry as a whole as the situation benefits both business and consumer. No expensive rents or properties to maintain translates into better deals being offered to the customer.

Recent years have seen huge improvements in the types of deals offered to online casino customers and this will only continue to improve as the industry continues to grow. A win-win for all involved.

Where to Invest?

There are several ways to invest in the online casino market. From buying shares in one of the main players to seeking out startups who are looking to raise capital to get an operation off the ground.

Of course, any investment comes with risk. Only you can decide how much you are able to lose without any serious consequences.


Mark Patrickson

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