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Impact Real Time Assistance and Online Poker

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RTA and Online Poker

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Playing online poker comes with its own set of rules and ethics, one of which is the use of real-time assistance (RTA). RTA is a tool that assists players during their gameplay by providing them with instant guidance or advice on how to make decisions at the table. This can involve using software, coaches, or other sources to get an edge over opponents.

What Exactly is RTA?

Real-time assistance in online poker refers to any form of help or information that a player receives during a game that aids decision-making. This could include software programs that suggest possible moves based on hand strength, betting patterns, odds calculation, and more. Players may also seek advice from friends or professional poker coaches through instant messaging platforms while playing.

Examples of RTA

There are numerous ways in which real-time assistance can come into play in online poker:

1. Tracking Software: Programs like PokerTracker and Hold'em Manager collect data on opponents' playing styles and tendencies, giving players an advantage by analyzing past hands.

2. Odds Calculators: Tools like Equilab provide real-time calculations for hand equity, pot odds, and expected value to help players make informed decisions.

3. Coaching Services: Players may receive coaching or advice from professionals via phone, instant messaging, or other communication channels while playing.

Ethical Considerations

The use of real-time assistance in online poker is a controversial topic that raises ethical considerations. While some players argue that using such tools enhances the skill level and competition in the game, others believe it goes against the spirit of fair play and creates an uneven playing field.

Poker Sites' Stance on RTA

Most online poker sites have strict guidelines regarding the use of RTA. Many platforms classify any form of real-time assistance as cheating and explicitly prohibit its use during gameplay. Players who are found to be engaging in RTA risk having their accounts suspended or permanently banned from the site.


Real-time assistance (RTA) has become a hot-button issue in online poker circles due to its potential to give players an unfair advantage over opponents. While it can be tempting to seek help during a tough game, it's important for players to understand and respect the rules set by online poker platforms regarding RTA. Ultimately, maintaining integrity and fairness at the virtual tables is crucial for preserving the integrity of the game we all love.


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