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Live Poker - The Feature Table

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Live Poker Tips - How to play the feature table

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Being on a feature table of a big live tournament could be someones dream or nightmare! It is where every move you make will be watched by everyone! Even commentated on in a lot of circumstances. Feeling this pressure could lead to making wrong decisions and making bad plays to maybe show off to your mates watching. 

The main thing to remember when on a feature table is to play the same and by the same I mean optimally. We should of course not do anything we wouldn't normally do but we should be on the look out for players who do. Good poker strategy is all about reacting, adapting and adjusting to your surroundings. So keep your head on, make the most of it and gain an advantage picking up on other players mistakes.

The feature table can actually be a really uncomfortable place to be. You will be watched by many, have lights shining in your eyes, have to place your cards in a specific place and also feel the heat from all those lights!

Few tips on playing the feature table:

  • Wear a hat: Thispokerimage will keep the lights out of your eyes. They are seriously powerful, multi coloured and bright! This will cause eye strain so wearing a baseball cap will help.
  • Stay cool: Take your jacket off and relax. Being hot and sweaty will only lead to you feeling uncomfortable and wanting to get off the table. The only way off is busting so we don't want that. When you become hot you feel stress a lot more than normal.
  • Ice water: This will keep you hydrated and also cool. A few sips here and there or even just holding the ice cold glass will cool you down.
  • Fan: You can bring small personal fans to the table or even use a leaflet to fan yourself. Don't be embarrassed...we need to be comfortable!
  • Play your best: Just remember this is your time to shine, play perfect poker and let people enjoy watching that. A sponsor could be watching so just play well!!!
  • Be nice: Nobody wants to see a jackass complaining or moaning at the feature table. Just play the game and don't berate any other players. We have a lot of responsibility to keep poker growing so don't be the guy bullying a newb at the table verbally and putting off other newbs from trying out the beautiful game of poker.
  • Help the dealers: The dealers will often have a headset on and will give instructions. Be alert and help the game flow quicker. 

Most of all is to just enjoy the experience!

I am ready to take my tournament poker game to the next level!

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Dan O'Callaghan

Primarily an MTT grinder, Dan began playing poker over curry and Kopperberg whilst at university about 4 years ago.   He exists as several aliases but is best know as 'danshreddies'. His biggest score came earlier in the year when he finished 2nd at PKR Live fo ... Read More


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