Pot Limit Omaha (PLO)

6-Max PLO Basic Starting Hand Chart

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The basic starting hand chart for PLO.

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PLO Starting Hands Chart 

Here is a basic and conservative pot limit omaha hand chart for being the first to open (everyone folds to you) in various positions.

Notepokerimage that “BBB” or “NNN” assumes the random cards are different (unpaired).


B: Broadway card (A, K, Q, J, T) ss: Single suited

N: Non-low card (K, Q, J, T, 9) ds: Double suited

x: Any card as: Ace suited

r: Rainbow ks: King suited



BBBB, NNNNss, ANNNas, AKNNds, AKQxds, AAxx, AKKxss, KK65ss +, KKBBr +, AQQxas +, QQxxds, 9988 +, TT98ss +, T988ss +, JTT9ss +, JJT8ds +, QQ98ss +, QQT8ss +, QJT9r +, A987as +, 9876ss +, T976ss +, T986ss +, QT98ds


All of the above plus KK54ss +, QQBBss, QT98ss, QT98ss, J987ds, A876as, 9875ss, 9865ss, JJ98ds, 9987ss, 9877ss, T998ss

Also play any BBBBds hand (paired or not)


All of the above and add BBBxds, KKxx, QQ76ss +, A88xas +, 5566 +, 4567ss +, 5567ss +, 7765ss +, 8776ss +, A456as +, K765ks +, 9765ss +, 8654ds +, 9976ss +,TT86ss +, 9986ss + JT9xss +, T98xds +, QJ9xds +, QT9xds +

Also play any BBBBss hand (paired or not)



All of the above and add BBBxss, QQxx, A66xas +, A234as +, 2345ss +, 4455 +, 3567ss +, 4456ss +, 6654ss +, 7643ss +, K654ks +, 7754ss+, 8864ss +, J98xds +, 876xss+, 456xds +


Start out same UTG, you then add hands slowly going up the positions in the chart depending on how much the BB reacts (if he 3bets light, uses positional advantage postflop, etc.). Note that you should be doing the same thing for the other position depending on what you know of the people left to act behind you (especially the BTN and CO).



Matt Ranger

Matt Ranger, Small-Stakes PLO Coach at PokerVIP.com Matt Ranger is a small stakes PLO player and coach from Montréal, Canada. He is also an economics student and claims to “have the rap patrol on gat patrol” (Editor’s note: we have no clue what this means either ... Read More


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PeteLeeon 16/10/15

Hi Matt, I started drawing up my default 6max range and I've been using your chart for it's intended purpose as a building platform (thx btw). Just a couple questions I was hoping you could help with. 1: i noticed (because it's just a base) that you weren't factoring 3 or 4 of a suit hands in to your ranges, while building on yours I've been using notation ss2/ss3/ss4/as3 etc. for example JT86ss2/KQT8ss3, is this worth doing? And how much of a difference in value is there, or does it depend on rank as well? 2: I'm doing utg and I'm weighing it more towards unpaired hands, by using more big play gap hands and more 3-card broadway/near broadway hands, and ds hands, I feel if I'm playing too many ss KK/QQ then I'm easier to outplay having less 'flopability' and get less implied odds on top set anyway utg, and that adding these hands achieves a more deceptive range, what are your thoughts on this?


surjectiveon 12/4/16

To work out what changes if you have 3 or 4 of a suit (lets say clubs), we can consider the combinations of 3 clubs that could come on the board out of the remaining clubs in the deck. When you hold two, that figure is "11 choose 3" which equals 165. What this number means for your chances to hit a flush is another question, but we can consider the cases of 3 or 4 clubs in the hand, and compare this to 165 and see what we get. "10 choose 3" = 120, which is ~72.73% of 165, so the chance of hitting a flush is about 72.7% of what you would expect with just 2 clubs in your hand. And "9 choose 2" is 84, which is ~50.91% of 165, so you will hit a flush only half as often as the optimal 2-clubs case. These figures may be precise or there may be other minor considerations to be made regarding the cases where more than 3 'clubs' come on the board, but I don't think it should matter, either way my estimates will be pretty close. You can regard them as ~75% and ~50% for simplicity and ease of calculation.


jakefreeon 1/9/15

hi can you please show abbriviatios qqxx etc all also full ring plo starting hands ty jakfree at jakefredom@gmail.com

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