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Pot Limit Omaha (PLO)

Taking Notes in Pot Limit Omaha

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Taking Notes in PLO Sessions - Gain an advantage

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Taking notes, we are all guilty of not doing it.

Every now and then doesn’t count, I mean taking notes on at least 80% of all hands showdown, your hands that you have shown down included. Its a good habit to get into, and unlike smoking it shows results and makes you money.

Mindframe after losing a hand

Next time you play a pot heads up, and your opponent shows a winning hand, try to get out of the following mindframe:

Villain shows j963 and wins after firing a big river bet on a a2k54 and getting called.

A typical reaction is something along these lines of:

Oh, what a clown fish-cake. How could he get all the way here (the river) with such a absolute atrocity (his hand)? I’m just going to play him for another few hours and take everything in his bank account

Instead of doing that which is essentially just blowing hot air, quickly jot his hand down. Then if there is time retrace the betting action and flop texture. Use the replay hand button if you need to do so.

Use the 'replay hand' button if you need more information on the hand - it should have betting information and the board!

Valuable Information in Pot Limit Omaha

You would quickly notice that he fired the flop and turn barrels with very little equity and is probably prone to doing so in the future. Jot that down. Along with his actual hand. This is because he will most likely continue to play the same range of pre flop hands that he has been playing, unless he is good enough to adjust. But you will just have to cross that bridge when you get there.

Hands where you are shocked at an opponent’s river bet or his river call are actually one of the most important hands to make a note of, especially if you believe this spot will come up again often.

Everyone has their own habits and preferences when taking notes at the poker tables, for my methods on it check out my video. And if you have a good method of doing it please feel free to share and comment below.

Make also sure that you are using a poker hands tool like Weaktight so that you can learn from your mistakes and also the first step of being a Pro is knowing the game that you want to play. Learn Omaha the right way by starting from it's core.

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