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4-Betting in Poker - What, When & Why

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4-Betting in Poker - What is a 4-Bet and Why Should we 4-Bet?

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What is 4-Betting?

A 4-Bet is the 4th raised bet during one single round (E.G. Re-Raising someone elses 3Bet.) The 4Bet is an effective play in all formats of poker when used correctly!

Why Should we 4 Bet?

For value.

If pokerimagewe have a big hand such as Aces then we want to get more money in the pot, by doing this we can 4bet once we have been 3bet. The intention being we want our opponent to 5b, call or go all in. We can do this with a wider range of hands than just Aces, generally going off our opponents previous play and the range of hands they go all in with preflop. So if we have seen them go all in with 77, 88, 99 alot then 1010, JJ, QQ, KK and AA should be in our 4bet value range.

As a Bluff.

Against a player who 3bets a lot (stats wise 10%+) we can 4bet bluff with the intention of taking down the pot preflop. We can put in a very small 4bet to achieve this! Being selective with hands to 4bet bluff with is vital. For example if we have 22 we can probably set mine or fold preflop. Good hands to 4bet bluff are suited connectors, suited gappers and suited broadways. These hands are good to 4bet bluff with incase we are called preflop - We want to have a hand that connects well with boards and has some potential so that we are not always in a dificult spot postflop. 

Having a solid reason as to why we are 4betting is vital. Don’t be the player who is just clicking buttons because they saw it in a training video.

Always have a clear thought process and a reason for doing making any move - 4betting is an incredibly profitable play that will add to your winrate when executed correctly!


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Yzermanon 11/12/17

good stuff :)


ricardojvalenzuelaon 14/5/15

Without some sort of read I think 4 betting 77 from the button is not +ev. My logic in this is that 77 is good enough to see the flop with but it's going to be difficult to call an all in bet with them. So unless you plan to call it off I would rather take a flop in position and make decisions on subsequent streets


moj_hmon 21/1/15

is it correct to 4bet with 77 on the button againts unknown player in the bb in 6max NL when you have a steal image?

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