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Bankroll Management

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Basic rules for Bankroll management

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All successful poker players properly utilise bankroll management. Without it, playing poker professionally is impossible.


Variance in Poker

Variance is a big part of poker. Whilst you might be able to make the right decision most of the time, the cards won't always fall for you. It's not uncommon for professional poker players to experience losing 10 or more buy ins in a short period. If their bankroll isn't properly managed, they might not be able to continue playing.


The Rules

The following rules are considered 'standard' Bankroll Management:

The more variance in a game, the more buy ins should be in your bankroll. A player playing deepstacked SNG's with a slow blind structure needs less buy ins in their bankroll than one playing super turbo SNG's with far less play in them. The first player has a lot more time to pick his spots and if he's good he can win a good number of pots without going to showdown, thus lowering the variance.

The more variance in a game, the more buy ins should be in your bankroll

Conversely, the player playing super turbos will be forced into making many more marginal decisions and playing much more aggressively due to the structure of the tournament.


In many ways Poker is a game based on opinion and feel rather than facts and figures. If a player plays a high variance game format successfully, eventually the goal has to be to move up stakes. There is nothing wrong with allocating a small amount of money into taking a shot at higher stakes. If it goes well, the player can maintain playing higher stakes, and if they end up losing the allocated amount, they can always return to their previous stakes.


Although not commonly referred to as 'Bankroll Management' it's fairly obvious to most people that it's good practice to 'play within your means'. Knowing this isn't hard, good implementation is the hard part. TiltBreaker is a tool that helps players who are sometimes undisciplined to control their bankroll and automatically blocks them from playing stakes that are deemed to be outwith their bankroll. Tiltbreaker is for sale in our poker discounts store at a $15 discount from RRP.



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AtomJapoon 19/7/16

if every player or all player when we are starting in the poker... we use this rules or reccomendations about the Bankroll Management will be winners players and decrease the risk to bust the BR


Por7usCaleon 22/7/14

Cool thanks for the input (y)


Railgunon 22/7/14

nah man... generaly you want xy amount of buyins to play specific limit.. obv the less tables you play more risky you can get as you are not putting yourself in a spot to tilt-off your bankroll. It all depends on you, your game, your situation etc...

You can also play like 80% on specific stake and 20% of time on a higher stake (or whatever % ratio you want) when games are good etc.. using sometimes more risky but still disciplined approach. Just have in mind and be prepared to be disciplined and to move down when things are not going well for you


Por7usCaleon 21/7/14

No not the bets, Its the max allowed Buy In for that level. In your case it would be a 4$ Buy In.
So ... $4 * 50


Por7usCaleon 21/7/14

If we follow a conservative Buy In for Cash Games of 50 Buy Ins, we talking about 1 table only right ?
What about when we multitable ? Shall we multiply it by the number of tables ?


Hazdrubaron 1/5/14

Do i count like buy ins with bets on the certain limit

like 0.2/0.4 * 50 BB = My cash for that limit ???


somersetlad9on 15/3/14

I am using a lot more than 100buyins at the moment because i feel when i go on a badrun. The tilt issues generally doesn\'t rear it\'s ugly head. As for things like a $22($1m gtd) on pokerstars for micromillion mian event. I just buyin because so many of the micro-stakes players dont know how u play with a 10k starting stack.

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