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How to Get Started with a Poker Dealing Career

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Poker Dealing Career

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Most poker players love to see themselves in the middle of everything, controlling the cards and chips.

Choosing to work as a poker dealer offers many prospects. In addition to the opportunity to see and interact with well-known players, skilled poker dealers may make a steady living regardless of the game's outcome.

Before you join and start dealing, this guide objectively summarizes what this involves.

Understand What Poker Dealing Is

At a poker game, the dealer hands out cards and chips to the players. They ensure everyone plays by the rules and that the game runs properly.

Becoming a dealer and turning your passion for poker into a career seems like an excellent idea. However, before devoting much time to your education, make sure it's the correct decision.

Just like in any other career, there are certain factors you need to take into account before committing entirely. Consider the following essential aspects:

● Learning other poker games is equally as important as mastering Hold'em.
● To keep up with the action, you must quickly read winning poker hands while paying attention to the action.
● Continue learning since poker is a dynamic game, and try to keep up with new methods, tactics, and trends.
● Practice good communication; a seamless poker game depends on clear communication. Announce bets, raises, and folds concisely and simply so that every player knows where the game is.

What You Need to Become a Certified Poker Dealer

● High school Diploma
● Clean criminal record
● Negative drug screening test
● An up-to-date gaming license
● Flexibility in work schedule, including working night shifts and public holidays
● Be 18 years and above
● Dealer training certification from an accredited institution

People usually choose to take part in training courses. These courses are four to eight weeks long and thoroughly examine several facets of dealing. They cost anywhere from $1000 to $2000.

Most casinos have such high dealer demand that they create training programs. After graduating, you won't be charged for these programs if you work for that casino.

Nonetheless, people with extensive dealing experience are qualified to work as poker dealers, even without formal qualifications. You must participate in a live audition, during which the poker room's management will oversee you.

If you leave a lasting impression, you have a decent chance of being employed. On-the-job training could also help you close any gaps in your experience.

How Much Money Does a Poker Dealer Make?

Poker dealers get a meager starting salary. A minimum-wage job would equal these, ranging from $15,000 to $20,000. The pay range that is offered determines the perks.

Undoubtedly, poker dealers earn significantly higher salaries than this. An excellent dealer has the potential to earn an annual income ranging from $30,000 to $60,000, and this additional income is generated through tips.

An extremely skilled poker dealer has the potential to earn $100k+. One must be involved in high-stakes games and operate during the busiest hours to reach this level.

Making Tips as a Dealer

Pot Tips: Players tip the dealer at least one dollar when they win a substantial pot. In high-stakes games, pots of $1000+ are frequently pushed, which can become a significant factor.

Tournament Tips: Numerous casinos incorporate dealer tips into the tournament buy-ins. For instance, the World Series of Poker allocates a percentage ranging from 2% to 4% for each event.


Working as a poker dealer may be profitable and enjoyable. It is a unique opportunity to get to work and still feel the game's thrill. With the proper training, commitment to lifelong learning, and flexibility in response to its ever-changing nature, anybody can turn their love of poker into a lucrative career.


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