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Texas Hold'em No Limit Beginner

Poker Player Types

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This strategy article illustrates the different types of poker players at the table, from 'Donkey' to 'Maniac'

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Tight-Aggressive (Commonly know as the 'TAG') Type


Often referred to as the king of all poker styles. The 'TAG' adopts a strategy of choosing a select yet strong number of starting hands while acting aggressively (often raising or calling as opposed to checking or folding). The TAG plays solid poker and isn't likely to make irrational bluffs or calls, and for this reason the TAG style of play is often seen as the fundamental style for a good poker player.

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Nit Poker Player Type


These guys are like TAGs…..except they are probably too tight. Unlike a TAG who is playing maybe 18% of hands,, these guys are playing more like 12% of hands or less. They only play the very strongest hands preflop, and they fold on any flop they don’t connect with in a big way.

Donkey Poker Player Type


These guys are totally clueless. In some cases they may not even be completely aware of the rules of the game. They range from being wildly aggressive with weak hands to being super passive with the nuts. .You want these guys at your table, but try not to read too much into anything they do!

Fish Poker Player Type


These guys are at least aware of 95% of the rules of the game. They will usually have even formulated a strategy about how they are going to play the game. The problem is that strategy is often very weak. They take passive lines like limp-calling preflop, and find it difficult to fold second-best hands post-flop when they know they are beat. All fish are different, but a common type of fish is the “calling-station”. Calling-stations appear incapable of folding any made-hand, however bad it is. Other fish like to run crazy bluffs in spots where it makes no sense.

LAG Poker Player Type


Loose-Aggressive. In terms of VPIP/PFR LAGs can be anywhere between 25/20 and 40/30. Like good TAGs, LAGs can potentially make a lot of profit. It takes a lot more skill to play a successful LAG style however, so the number of good LAGs is very small in comparison to the number of good TAGs. Most of the time, if you see someone who is playing 40/30 sitting at your table, they are probably a fish – (who may or may not think they are a LAG).

Maniac Poker Player Type


These guys take LAG a little too far. They play a huge number of hands and are aggressive with pretty much all of them. Unlike Donks they are aware of the rules of the game, but choose to be consistently aggressive. Maniacs can be extremely tough to play against, especially if they are on your left – but they should be a nice source of profit if you understand how to fight back.



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