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Poker Starting Hand Charts

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Our poker starting hand charts will help you find your feet. We have itemised every poker hand, across each position and preflop situation allowing our users to get used to  making solid preflop decisions that are profitable.

On the right hand side you can see an example of a good way to use the poker starting hand chart. Always have it beside you when you're playing to ensure you're on the right path.

It is important to vary your style as you learn more and not just stick to the charts. 

A typical range of opening hands for beginner's to play with looks like this (Hands in Yellow):

poker starting hands chart

If you're playing on a particularly tight table you should raise more in mid and late position than the chart suggests. Whereas if you're playing on an aggressive table it might be worth waiting and picking your spots a little more carefully.

This Chart will show you which hands to play depending on your position at the table:

poker starting hand chart

>>> Download PokerVIP Short Handed, PreFlop Hand Chart

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Steinardo79on 1/4/18

Is this still (in 2018) your recomended charts for a beginner?


Grimlydwarfon 7/12/17



tmannieon 30/9/17

Nicely done precise and concise


giantpokeron 28/8/17

thank you


FierceProPlayeron 27/5/16

Amazing poker charts indeed! Tks!


Pwllon 30/3/16

I aggree the ranges will be static but I also think that's a good idea for beginners, it will work fine and give a learner time to get used to different positions,actions happening and confidence knowing they won't be far wrong using them. I would like to say the charts are probably for 100 big blind stacks so players will need to learn what to do versus (mainly) shorter stack sizes, say 45 big blinds etc. This looks really useful imo.


GhostStriker88on 27/3/16

I notice there are no calling ranges for facing 3 bets ip, for example you are co, you raise and it folds to sb who 3 bets, do you have a calling range here or always 4 bet/fold ? lets say you have 9Ts open for 3 bb in the co, sb 3 bets to 8-10 bb and he is a weak fishy reg would you not call ip or would you pref 4 bet bluff/fold option?


pokerruudjeon 14/12/15

nice, thank you


nutshot91on 8/8/15

what about SB and BB ?


narunon 23/1/15

I think it's good to have an idea what we can open raise in which position but I don't agree follow every hands chart, if we follow that and play just these hands in these positions our range will be static.


Jamieon 19/9/14

As for A8s etc - I guess the line needs to be drawn somewhere. I couldn't say this is by any means a perfect starting hand chart, but it's a solid start.


Jamieon 19/9/14

Hi Kashclicks - Yes R/F means initially raise and then fold to a 3 bet. All other Raise assumes you are happy to call a 3Bet as far as I understand.


Kashclickson 16/8/14

Also A8s, AT, KTs, KJ, from UTG seem to be a lot different, or was that just for speed poker ?


Kashclickson 16/8/14

Does R/F first in mean that you raise and then fold if villain 3bets ? Does R/F versus a raise mean that you 3bet and then fold to a 4 bet ? For the ranges versus a range, does it matter the position of the raiser, or no ? For example, from the button, versus a raise, chart says raise with A9s+, is this the same if the raiser is in the CO or MP or UTG ?

Guy LePutz

Guy LePutzon 12/6/14

Do you have a chart for full-ring cash?


morzani124on 3/6/14

so i see: UTG, MP, CO and BUTTON, What do i do when im in the BLINDS? just fold? this doesnt make sense...


Jon-PokerVIPon 10/3/14

Thanks. Now head on over to the forum!


JD6410on 10/3/14

this is great


Jon-PokerVIPon 2/3/14

No problem! We hope it helps.


Jon-PokerVIPon 2/3/14

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