Texas Hold'em No Limit Intermediate

Defending the Big Blind 6-Max Chart

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The following chart provides actions on how to defend your big blind in standard game of 6-Max Cash Game No Limit Hold 'em.

Each action is dependent on:

1) What hand you're holding.
2) What action your opponents have taken in the hand, depending on their position.



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thetallpaulon 3/11/14

This is way too loose especially vs UTG and MP for Micros (where anyone using a hand chart should be). If you go on calling K9s and A8s vs EP raises for example you'll get destroyed. No TAG player is doing that. I like the aggression vs LP opens though.


Jon-PokerVIPon 15/10/14

Hey Daz these charts are what a good TAG player would use. I understand vs different players we need to adjust but these charts will keep you in a good place.


Dazon 28/9/14

This chart makes no clarification on exact opening ranges nor opening raise sizing. I wouldnt advise following this at all. If you are a beginner I suggest playing tighter overall and avoid re-raising with less than QQ/AK versus tight opening ranges - most UTG/MP opening ranges are far too tight to be 3-betting JJ/TT AQs AJs KQs etc as suggested above (some may be included as bluffs; but this is advanced for players looking for a chart as to how to play hands)


datBINKon 18/9/14

I think this is a brilliant and very useful chart. Seems applicable to live cash games as well. Thumbs up!


Jon-PokerVIPon 8/9/14

@othd13: I don't think cold calling ranges should be fully set. It should depend a lot on stack sizes and who your opponents are.


Jon-PokerVIPon 8/9/14

@bassy. Unfortunately not but if you right click on the images you can save them to a file and print out.


Bassyon 5/9/14

Any document download available for this?


othd13on 14/8/14

Thansk!Very good for me to answer for question : 3bet or fold on blinds is good, but default range for coldcall on BB ?


Kashclickson 13/8/14

Nice, thanks. Noted down to use as a default. Is it intended, versus CO to raise A6-8, yet flat w A9 ?

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