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Texas Hold'em No Limit Intermediate

Folding on the Flop - Remove your Ego!

8,394 Views on 14/10/13

It's important to remove your ego and fold on the flop - But sometimes we have to do it

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This sounds like such a simple concept but its something some players just canโ€™t grasp.

Foldingpokerimage can sometimes be the toughest part of poker. We all have an ego, and often think we can outplay someone. Many new players have the belief that they can improve on the turn our hit their miracale card. By default, we should always take a mathematical approach to calling on the flop or at least a very good reason for calling on the flop. 

  • If Fish want to continue to call us - Just punish them with your strong hands and bet big you have a strong hand. 
  • Always understand why you're folding a hand on the flop and why that decision is profitable for you. A simple example of when to fold on the flop would be calling a pre-flop re-raise with 66 and then flop comes down 10-J-K. We're almost never ahead here and our opponent is often in front. We should fold.

Tougher Spot to Fold

Example: A tough spot to fold could be in the instance that we've called a pre-flop re-raise with 66 and the flop has come down K73. In this situation we know that our opponents range could contain a K but sometimes our opponent will be a solid player who knows he can represent the K regardless of his hand.

In this situation, we can fold knowing that we could either be already beat or that we canโ€™t continue to call bets on future streets.


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