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Missing Value in Hands

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Missing Value - Don't let slowplaying and scary cards lower your win rate - Play smart.

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Missing Value

Mostpokerimage beginner players often miss out on serious value (money) during the hands they play. Even some regular veterans are prone to missing out on value and their win rate is suffering because of this 'leak'. To ensure we make money in poker, we need to constantly be getting money in the middle with our value hands. This means making good sized bets and getting worse hands to call us.

We also need to build the pot on each street with our strongest hands so that we don't miss out on future value situations. For example if we opt to slow play and check the flop, it means we're missing out on value since we'll find it tough to get all the money in the middle by the river.

Where we can miss value:

1) When players decide to slow play.

Slow playing can sometimes be a great play but generally we should be doing the betting with our strong hands. Continuation Betting on the flop is standard, and so is double barreling - If you're playing solid poker you should always bet your strong hands, many times your opponent won't believe you have a monster.

We should only be slowplaying when it's going to work perfectly. If we know that the villain will call our check raise and bomb off his stack or we know that our opponent will bluff every street and let us call down, then absolutely we should slow play. However without this information, we should bet our strong hands as standard.

We sometimes miss value from slowplaying as we feel the flop is wet (possibility for many hands and drawing hands) so we want to check raise. This will often backfire if our opponent checks back, because if a scare card comes on the turn we'll have no idea where we stand.

2) We can often undervalue our hand and slow down when a scare card falls on the turn.

We need to put our opponent on a range of handsand play accordingly. Let's say we're opening JJ, we cbet the 472 flop then check the K turn once called. We are more than likely up against smaller pairs and now missing value vs. them and also some combo draws. We need to get value/protect our hand.

Allowing the villain to check behind in situations like this on the turn is going to cost us some serious money. Getting one street of value instead of two will hurt our win rate massively.


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daveoon 25/3/16

Huge leak of mine :( but great article

mike jones

mike joneson 24/9/15

great article


soon2bon 21/7/15

I seem to run people off the hands I need them to call and they stiick around on the hands I need them to fold. That is something i desperately need to work on is betsizing and betting for value.



Yer its all dependent on the pot size and spot but generally i lead tiny to get the thin value.


Fat-Sunnyon 3/12/13

I have to admit this is one area I know Im loosing money repeatedly. I have trouble getting the right size value bet and have also been trying smaller bets but when I see their hand i kick myself thinking I could have got a few more pennies, so I go back to my ways of betting bigger and then dont get a call at all. Value betting is certainly an art form


Jon-PokerVIPon 2/12/13

Nothing worse than checking back with a value hand. I am betting a lot thinner for value now and its boosting my winrate monthly! Hows this working out for you guys?

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