Posted 2 years ago
In the past few weeks I've gotten the stream back up and running on the regular with multiple short sessions being fired every week which I'm really enjoying. I've also gotten back into the gym/running which is great after a relatively long absence after the house move! Grinding up a BR is going well, as expected the lowest stakes are still not very hard to beat Laugh

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We've moved up from 2NL to 5NL and are not a million miles off making it to 10NL, I'm obviously happy with the progress so far! We're currently winning at nearly 14bb/100 over the sample since we've started back which I'm pleased with. We need another 40 bucks or so before moving up to 10NL then, so hopefully we can knock that out in another short time span, after which it's on to 25NL!
Posted 2 years ago
We have cruised through 10NL and are now working with a bearing $600 BR and testing our night at the 25NLz tables.

We have our graph up to taking the 25NL shot:

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And then our first session at 25NL:

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We’re a little over 50k hands in and winning at a win rate of around 10.5bb/100 so far which I’m obviously very happy with. One of my favourite hands went down just before moving up to 25NL:

Here’s my reaction to it in real time 😂

Drop a follow on twitch at if you want to follow along with the action!
Posted 2 years ago*
When your beat, your beat; saving those bbs like a boss!
Looks like you'll be on your second house by next Spring! Bowing
Posted 2 years ago
We're absolutely smashing 25NL and have crossed the $800 BR mark now. This graph is turning into a damn work of art:

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Normally I don't post boom links and just embed the hand history here instead, however if I do that you will genuinely think I have doctored the hand while embedding it, it's just that ridiculous:

This was a hand where I felt I may have played it poorly. If I'm going to get to this point then I feel like I should be jamming the river myself, not sure why I checked. I think checking turn has a lot of merit though given how large the pot is getting, interested in peoples thoughts on it.

Hand Conversion Powered by WeakTight Poker Hand History Converter
$0.10/$0.25 No Limit Holdem PokerStars
6 Players

UTG Player4 $70.05
UTG+1 Player5 $52.05
CO Player6 $27.93
D Player1 $30.72
SB Player2 $14.88
BBHero $55.26
6$0.35Hero is BBQQ
Player4 raises to $0.75, 1 fold, Player6 calls $0.75, 2 folds, Hero raises to $3.50, Player4 calls $2.75, Player6 calls $2.75
Hero bets$5.06, Player4 calls $5.06, Player6 calls $5.06
Hero bets$12.31, Player4 calls $12.31, Player6 goes all-in $19.37, Hero calls$7.06, Player4 calls $7.06
3$83.89, 1 all-in 2
Hero checks, Player4 checks
Final Pot$83.89
Hero shows QQ
Player4 shows AJ
Player6 shows JA

Hero wins$81.89 (net +$53.96)
Player4 lost $27.93
Player6 lost $27.93
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Looks like you're going through a tear right now. Well done and keep it up! You gonna put in some more longer streams?
Hopefully I can replicate a graph like this Wink And join you in some games. Just having such a lot going on in the past week or two. Got new stuff all set up but lack of freaking time to actually play.

I take it a lot of your play has been off stream. Anyway, hopefully I'll catch you soon if I happen to be around.

Hope the next 60k is as generous to you!
Posted 2 years ago
Indeed the majority of play is off stream these days, I find I’ve been playing significantly better poker when I am off stream so focusing primarily on that. I will still aim to do a couple hour long streams per week more often than not, it’s just been a bad couple of weeks for being able to fit them in when I want to.
Posted 2 years ago
Had an incredible session over the weekend where we racked up over 8BI at 25NL!

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Two of the highlights were pretty amusing:

And the overall challenge graph is looking sexy AF:

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In other news, I’m making a push to win a competition for a platinum pass! If anyone fancies giving me an ole nomination on the twitter sphere it would be greatly appreciated!
Posted 2 years ago
Oh and BTW, If I win the platinum pass I’m gonna commit to a 24hr stream and give away 10% of myself in the tournament to my twitch viewers so all the more reason to get voting!
Posted 2 years ago
Doing a giveaway promo for tonight’s stream if you want to get in on the action! Winner also gets 1% of me i the Bahamas if I bink the platinum pass!
Posted 2 years ago*
We hit a mammoth downswing in the BR challenge unfortunately. However, we also went on a massive heater.....

We briefly cleared the $1k profit mark but then lost a stack straight after so we're hovering around it. I'm hoping to fire up a stream later this evening and get across the line!

In terms of weight loss, we're nearing the 80kg mark. I haven't been under 80kg in the better part of a decade. I still have a decent bit more to get to where I want to be, but in terms of progress I'm extremely happy.

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