Posted 6 years ago
Weekly Update,

Again nothing major to report, Had a couple of deepish runs but no major cashes. Got 11th in a bounty hunter, when I made a hero call on the river which I should have just snapped folded LOL. But hey sometimes you have to trust your instincts and unfortunately they were wrong this time.

Overall it has been a break-even week for me (Well the past 12 days) so here is hoping I can kick on a little bit this week and start building some profit.

I now just need to cut out nigly little mistakes that are killing me deep in tournaments and stop reverting to my old game of being to passive. Aggression can be key in these micro-stakes games if you pick the right spots and oh ya BET BIG FOR VALUE, THEY NEVER WANT TO FOLD.

Posted 6 years ago
Hi Guys and Gals,

Just a little update here. A bit earlier than usual. So I have been running pretty well the past few days with some nice runs including 2 Final tables, 2 sub 16 finishes and a handful of other cashes to go along with it. The problem with the final tables though is I have been getting there short stacked and having to ride some luck really. But at least I know I am playing well enough to get that far and eventually I can get there with a big stack and take down the win.

I have recently set some goals for myself, not really volume wise or win x amount. But I want to break the top 50 in the Ireland PocketFives rankings and I want to actually take down my first online tournament (Which I have never done) by the way. I am currently sit 139/553 in the Irish rankings with 437 points and I need to reach 1,073 to break at this point.

I have been speaking to my coach and reviewing some sessions and he thinks I am not far away from moving up in stakes just need to work on some little mistakes and he can see room for loads more improvement and progression with bigger games.

I am still going to be grinding a bit this weekend so hears to more deep runs and lets try get a nice score for the month again.
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@KrisyBubble22 your blog updates are always a great read! glgl for the next tourneys! I am sure you will move up soon!!
Posted 6 years ago
@FG_SpaceLord Thank you very much for the reply. Its great know it is getting read and that you are enjoying it. Again Thanks for the read and the reply.
Posted 6 years ago
Final tables are always nice! That's a nice target to aim for being in the Top 50 in Ireland!
Posted 6 years ago
Hi @AshVIP Ya final tables are nice, Just need to try and stop getting there so short stacked lol, Ya its a nice target Top 50 and seems well achievable.
Posted 6 years ago
Mid Week Update, These seem to be getting a bit more regular.

Sort of up and down since my last post (Well actually down a small bit LOL) but yous get the jist. I can not seem to get to the other side of this break-even streak at all. I am running terrible in the bigger games on Party Poker such as the $11 and the $7.50. But running golden in the $1.10/$2.20 games. So my deep runs just end up paying for my larger buy-ins. I suppose its good and I could be running bad in all of them, so I am trying to take some positives from it.

Now one thing has me a little mad. I wish Party would stop changing the schedule so much. Everyday I go on I do not have a clue what I am going to be playing. It can be a bit tilting. Again Played another yesterday ($2 game) and it took 4 1/2 hours to min cash for $4.39. Like who in their sane mind wants to grind to make $0.50c an hour. Does anyone else have any opinions on this?

Well going to grind some more this evening and I am AVOIDING the small Deep-stack games like the plague.

So again if anyone has any questions or comments please feel free to leave them and I will answer when I can.
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I don't know about regular MTTs but I've been playing a couple of the satellites and they advertise it as "Mega Turbo" but with 28 levels of late reg and over 4 hours until it finishes, I can just never be arsed!! They've added some PLO games to the schedule so need to have a look at them
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Hi @AshVIP Ya some of deep-stacks have 28 levels of late reg and a 200,000 starting stack which is just ridiculous. It really effects win rates per hour. If they just settled on a schedule then it might not be so bad. I do not play PLO at all, so do not no what the games are like. I presume they are soft out and probably overlays well. So well worth checking out.
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After Session Update!!!

Did not have a great session this evening. I have to admit though and hold my hands up. I played some of the worst poker tonight than I have done for ages. My whole game was all over the place. No Focus and playing hands totally incorrectly. Dont want to moan but the first tournament played set the ball rolling when I lost KK vs Q6 after (3betting in pos pre), Holding the K of diamonds on a Q62 flop.

So before tomorrows grind I am going to review my session and see what I can do to rectify my mistakes.

So Here is to tomorrow and let tonight be a lesson learned.
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So yesterdays session didn't start great, Was pretty card and the fish were running golden. I felt myself getting a little tilted again. So I took a break for a couple of hours and chilled.

I then played 2 games when I sat down. The $2.20 and $7.50 2nd chance. I busted the the $2.20 after a couple of hours but managed a deep run in the $7.50 were I finished 17th. Bit unlucky not to go deeper as lost AKvs77 and then AAvs33 This did mean though that I turned a small profit for the day and my first bit of profit in a while.

The difference in play with a 100k stack and 8 mins levels is crazy, After 4 hours I cashed for $30 in 17th where as with the other structure it took 4 1/2 hours for a min cash of $4. I hope Party realize this and change back.

So heres to hoping LOL

Going to grind a bit more today and take the day off tomorrow so I am fresh before the Monster series starts on Sunday.
Posted 6 years ago

So as most of you no the Monster Series is starting on PartyPoker today. There is going to be some great value to be had with some big prizes for small buy-ins, and I cant see many of the games actually making the Guarantee so there is going to be huge overlay value. I can only play the smaller ones up to $16.50 but I will be playing everything up to that buyin level.

The run bad continued last night, I was supposed to take a day off but I got to bored yesterday evening so decided to play 3 games (No Cashes). I decided to then just close it down and chill. I am fresh this morning so looking forward to the 2pm start and the long grind. I will be updating in here how I do day to day if I remember LOL.

Just a quick question what is an acceptable In the Money Stat? Mine is currently hovering around 30%.

Well I hope everyone has a good grind and some nice cashes today. Adios Amigos see you later.
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Monster Series Update!!!!

One Word for Yesterday Disaster.

I am not going to say anything else as I do not want this to be a moaning or bad beat thread.

Any Questions Fire Away
Posted 6 years ago
It's only the first day of many! Dust off and get back on the horse

Posted 6 years ago
End of WEEK Update!!!

So I took a few days off during the week as was on a little downswing. I then loaded up a few games yesterday to get back on the horse but was not surprised to see nothing had changed in the few days. I have plenty of coaching today so going to attend them and then jump in a few games. So lets see what happens. All I keep telling myself is get it in good and eventually it will turn.

I dont no if anyone has any suggestions on what to do other than keep playing. Does anyone no or have anything they do when on a downswing other than tilting LOL.

I am now up to 136 in Ireland in the pocket fives rankings and am not that many points of the the top 100. Although my downswing wont help with no cashes, so that means no points to climb the rankings.

GL to everyone grinding and talk soon.
Posted 6 years ago
Hi mate, I'm hoping the coaching session has helped! There's never a good time to go through a downswing but with the help of your coach, and just by keeping playing and making right decisions is all you can do!

Good luck
Posted 6 years ago
THIS Article may help you a little
Posted 6 years ago
Hi Ash,

Cheers for the reply, Ya I went through some of the hands I thought I had played badly with my coach. But he said they were all fine, just keep doing what I am doing and it will come around. Thanks for the Article I will have a read of it.

Got my First cashes last night in over a week. Not much but Profit is Profit. So lets hope Powerfest is more profitable than the Monster Series was.
Posted 6 years ago
BIG NEWS!!!!!!!!!

So Guys I have just gone and got myself promoted to the main group with BRS. I am absolutely chuffed with myself and it is nice to see that all the hard work and consistency has finally paid off. Now its time to up my game and put more hours into this game as I am going to have to study my arse of.

So here is to the next chapter in my poker journey and I can wait for all of you guys to follow it.
Posted 6 years ago
Congrats Kris!!

Time to kick on and lets have a huge Powerfest!

Good luck Dancing