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Cheers Ash,

Yes lets have a massive Powerfest
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So since getting promoted it has been a bit up and down. I have not made any profit and I am still on a bit of a downswing. Now I have not played the volume that I usually do, but I am hoping that will all change today and over the next few days.

I got new instructions last week from my new coach and manager and my game seemed to fall apart. I was doubting my plays and not committing to what I had learnt. Since I have drilled this into my head I have had a few deepish runs, With a 10th in a BH and 74th in a Power-fest event just last night.

So time to put in some volume and get this downswing going upwards
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It just quite hard when you are having to do different things or play in a different way but I'm sure it'll all fit together the more volume you put in and we will have a super positive next update!
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Ya @AshVIP its really hard all new info swashing around my brain and trying to find a home for it lol. So just a little update when I am here, managed to make a FT today and bust in 5th for $55 which actually was not a bad score considering I dont think I got over 30bb stack since like 5th hand in. This meant a break-even day so I suppose its better than losing.

Going to grind all day tomorrow and have Saturday of to recharge the batteries.
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So I am still in my downswing but feel I am playing allot better as I know I just have to keep the volume up to get out of it quicker. We had $600 of NMU yesterday and day the day before which was great. Got to play some bigger buy-in events such as $55, $109 and $215. This is really good as I get to put more volume in without it coming from my daily roll. The only thing is my Sharkscope has taken a nose dive and now I look like a complete fish LOL.

I managed 1 deepeish run the last few days with a 29th finish in a $55 deep-stack for $180, This is about the only thing I have to report on the runs side of things.

I am starting to make good decisions again and my focus is returning so hopefully the results will follow.

Heres To a nice upswing and lets start crushing
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2nd to last line is the important one.... you will find here lots of support during your downswing.

the important part is to stay focused and make good decisions! success will follow!!

all the best!
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Cheers @FG_SpaceLord yes it is important as people who are on a downswing tend to make bad decisions, As I have myself. So thats what I have been telling myself to just keep making the correct decisions and everything should fall into place.
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So the last few days have been positive (Despite loosing a good few 70/30). I took down the academy online game on Party last night for £100, Some good ROI considering I got in on a free ticket. This really helped me to start getting out of the hole I was starting to dig and gave me a welcome confidence boost. I then got 13th in the $11 Major tonight for another $90.

So all in all I feel I am starting to play well again and all the new instructions are stating to come together. I have another 1 on 1 with my new coach tomorrow so lets see what he has to say.

Well here is hoping this torid downswing is over for a while (Fingers Crossed).

So GL to everyone playing and as said in another thread, do not be afraid to post and say hello or ask a question. I would be more than happy to respond.

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So I took a few days of guys and I am only getting back on today. Last month was profitable in the end for me, but could have been better. Did not play great poker at the start of the month. Time to put the head down and grab this opportunity by BRS by the horns and drive on.

So just a quick update on one of my goals which was to break the top 50 in Ireland on Pocketfives. I am now currently sitting at 115/554 and sitting 7242 worldwide. I am about 500 points of breaking in, which is going to be though unless I start putting more consistent cashes together.

Well here is to grinding again and getting back on the horse.
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Good that you have a goal set, something I'm lacking at the moment to help with motivation / focus.

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Ya I didnt want to set any monetary goals, So I decided to go with something that can only be achieved with consistency. Was trying to think of others but could not really.
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So not much to say really, Has been a pretty break even month so far with very little to report. Have been playing a bit better the past few days now and just need to start winning some flips.

I am having some big problems with my mental game lately, Like starting of confident and then loosing a flip or getting cooler-ed and playing shit from then on. I need some way to try and focus and just take it on the chin. I done a mental game prep on Sunday and that seemed to help allot, so I am going to start prepping myself everyday before I start my sessions.

So lets hope that helps and I make the correct decisions no matter what happens during the session.
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Confidence is a huge factor in poker, IMO if you don't go into a tournament thinking "I'm going to win this thing" then you are on a upward battle straightaway, lots of players don't take the mental game into account and you get an edge on those players right away!
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Ya the problem is I go in thinking like that and then get cooler-ed and just totally lose my focus. I am going to book a Tilt and confidence session with Matt Harris in the next few days.

Had a better day yesterday even though bubbled 2 I managed to keep my composure and had a deep run in the $5.50 Fast. I managed to get 10th. I was still a bit disappointed not to reach a final table. But I am glad I am starting to find my Mojo again.
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So after my 10th place finish the other night the two session since have been getting it in good and they are getting there. I dont mind this as at least I no the cards are starting to return. Up to a few days ago I was playing something like 13/8 (Vpip and Pfr) overall and was completely card dead. But now my stats seem to be turning again and in most games I play I am around the 25/20 (Vpip and Pfr) Mark.

But this all change for me last night (apart from the start of the session, where it was the same story). So I managed a 5th place in the $16.50 Fast Major. I played some really solid poker with some very nice reads. I felt really focused and didnt loose my confidence once.

So I am having a few days of now as its my Birthday tomorrow where I turn the big 30. So I am going to blow of some steam. Well here is hoping the next 10 years are as good.

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Very nice score, well played!

Happy birthday also DancingCakeBeer ! I turned 30 last year... it doesn't get any better LOL
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AshVIP: Very nice score, well played!

Happy birthday also DancingCakeBeer ! I turned 30 last year... it doesn't get any better LOL

I know and the hangovers are really bad and last for days. I usually cant play Poker till like 3 days after.

And thank you for the Birthday Wishes.
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Hi Guys,

So I am back after the Birthday celebrations and getting back on the grind today. I played a small bit yesterday but had no focus and motivation so closed down the session after 2 games. I think I was actually still hungover from the weekend. I feel fresh today and ready to jump back in.

I might not be playing to much though over the next couple of months as I am about to start a new business venture. All depending if I can get the €15,000 funding lol.

Since the new Pocketfives ranking were released last week I have now moved up to 109th in Ireland and have reached an all time high of 7020th worldwide. I dont no now if my goal is achievable of a top 50 in Ireland since the next couple of months not playing could hamper that.

GL to all grinding and talk to you all soon.
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Hope you had a great birthday weekend!

The business venture sounds interesting, able to share any details??
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Hi @AshVIP No not at the moment, But I did get refused funding. So now have to go look for investments.