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Ladies and Gentlemen the one and only Alex Martin! Known mostly for his off the table playboy lifestyle antics and his game crushing skill. 

One of the biggest ever mid stakes 6max nlh winners in euro site history Alex will be bringing you constant video content analysing PokerVIP members videos! 

With an impressive win rate and sickening work ethic Alex continues to play higher and higher. Not only an online genius Alex also final tabled a WSOP event scooping a nice prize of $114k. 

Six MaxNLHESmall
Leak Finder Coaching Review $50nl

Member review by Alex 'JammyJenny' Martin. Analysing each move his student makes and plugging the leaks. 

Alex Martin 10,538 Views on 27/11/13

Six MaxNLHESmall
$50nl LAG Style Poker: Member Review

Alex reviews member 'Ripurahole'. Discussing his laggy play and how regs will react vs it.  PokerVIP Members can r...

Alex Martin 8,890 Views on 4/10/13

Poker Strategy Review nlhe $50nl 6max

Alex Reviews another members video. Commentating and analysing each big hand played. 

Alex Martin 9,894 Views on 27/9/13