Christian Stoy(YouPayMyM3)

NLHE Expert at

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Christian started out playing SSS on Party Poker back in 2008. After a $15k win from the BBJ he made a move to Full Tilt, switching to 6 max NL where he also final tabled the Daily Doubles for $10k from the jackpot! During his time at Full Tilt he mainly grinded 50nl up until Black Friday.

His poker career paused until Feb 2014 where he started up again at 25nl rush games, quickly reaching nl100/200 rush by the end of the year. During this time he also laid claim to winning the hot 7.5 for a tasty $3.5k and came runner up in the Big 11, a 3 way split for $9k!

During his time at the tables Christian has achieved...
  • 1.2mill cash hands in 2015
  • 3 times Supernova Status
  • Redpro status On Full Tilt Poker
  • And is currently playing 6 max zoom/rush 100/200nl