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Mr. Margo is our latest NLH heads up cash game coach. Making great content focused heavily on dynamics and stats. Margo plays anywhere up to 200nl and is progressing quickly up the levels. Boasting a poker players dream graph and win rate this will be the place to learn nlh heads up cash! 

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iPoker Table MOD Tutorial

Here is our tutorial on how to install the iPoker Table MOD. There are 2 options:1) The Free iPoker Table MOD2) Gla...

Mr Margo 9,452 Views on 16/1/15

Heads UpNLHEMicro
HuGu Part 3: PostFlop Strategy

Welcome to HuGu Part 3 Postflop strategy! Heads-Up from the Ground up series.Part 1:Your First Heads Up Poker HandPart 2...

Mr Margo 12,696 Views on 5/11/13

Heads UpNLHEMicro
HuGu Part 2: PreFlop Adjustments

'HuGu' aka Heads up from the Ground up! Follow Mr.Margo's series for beginners. Everything you need to know including ho...

Mr Margo 13,495 Views on 25/10/13

Maximize Your Poker EarningsSitus Toto And Toto Togel

Toto Togel, a long-standing favorite in Indonesia, is witnessing a significant shift towards situs toto – online platforms for placing bets. Offering enhanced convenience, reliability, diverse game options, and 24/7 customer support, situs toto is rapidly overshadowing traditional offline Toto Togel, signaling a potentially bleak future for the latter.

Mr Margo 2,327 Views on 16/2/24