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Daniel comes from Portugal and has been playing SSNL 6max since late 2008, after a short period playing SNGs. He built the foundations of his game with the help of coaching sites, but it was thanks to the personal coaching of the well-known pros Peter “Marshall28” Jennings, James “Dzoo” Hartt and Grant “Balbomb” Coombs that his game cut loose from the robotic style that many regs were using to make money in the early days and was turned into a thinking, intensive style that takes into account everything that is happening at the table.

Nowadays Daniel plays part-time (taking from poker a significant part of his income), and also works as a Localization Specialist in the online poker industry. With his videos, he hopes to help struggling SSNL players to plug their leaks and identify more spots to turn into profitable situations.

Six MaxNLHESmall
Non-Standard Spots VS. Weaker Opponents - Part 1 (Re-up)

Re-Uploaded as this video was lost when PokerVIP Re-Launched. Part 1 of 2. Coach Daniel Sa examines some very inter...

Daniel Sá 8,820 Views on 17/9/14

Six MaxNLHESmall
Non-Standard Spots VS. Weaker Opponents - Part 2

Daniel examines some non-standard spots versus weaker opponents.Part 1 of the series 

Daniel Sá 9,184 Views on 23/10/12