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This is DeMarco. I am here to help you improve yourself and get more out of life. 

I am a medical student who also studied self-development intensively for the last 5 years, reading lots of books, basically anything i found interesting. I did this with a clear purpose in mind: to improve my performance, get to a new level of productivity and understand how our mind works and how we can influence it. Books could only get me so far, what I enjoy doing is treating every mental problem like I would treat a clinical case meaning that I identify the symptoms I want to correct. I apply a temporary solution to alleviate them and then I search for the root of the problem and treat that. I have a great passion in understanding how things work and my belief is that our brain is the most ingenious thing on the planet. Understanding little bits of it everyday truly gives me a great joy. 

There was a time severaly years ago I became depressed and it got so bad that I eventually started thinking that this was all there was to life and all it was every going to be. Sad days were frequent as I was overweight, had no friends, no money and no real qualities to be proud of. But the worst thing was my smoking addiction, no matter how hard I tried I seemed unable to quit and each time I relapsed it was a reminder of my weak willpower and how much of a failure I was. 

I became depressed and it got so bad that i eventually started thinking that this was all there was to life. I even started to believe i was getting what i deserved and that we were born to either fail or succeed in life. 

Life kept getting worse then one day I stumbled across a somewhat unorthodox online course from an author I hadn't heard of. I wasn't really expecting much but to be fair I was desperate! I was willing to try almost anything to change my life. 

To my fortune this turned out to be exactly what I needed..A true game changer! It wasn't by any means anything extraordinary as it had many flaws but it was the sign telling me to do a U turn and change my life trajectory, so thats what i did! 

I started with what to me had always felt with the biggest obstacle, the thing that everyday just continued to remind me of what I could never be....my smoking addiction! I quickly tackled smoking (only by changing my mindset) and soon went onto tackle my studies, then my physical health and eventually my social life. 

I am today able to balance a full life comprised of being a 3rd year medical student studying self development, being in a 2+ year relationship with my dream partner, playing poker on the side and developing an online business. Once i have earned my medical degree and am officially a licensed Doctor I plan on travelling the world with nothing but my laptop to earn an income with.

Now i want to help you get what you want out of life and to boost your poker profits! 

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