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Jack Boobyer, Small stakes tournament coach at PokerVIP.com

> From London, England

> Law Student

> Started playing online in 2009

> Low/Midstakes NLH MTTs

> Winner on every site played on

> Published content for PokerTube.com, geared towards a more strategic stance for low stakes players

> Used to primarily play on FTP pre black friday - now Stars, 888 and Carbon.

> Good analyst of situations

> Can send tournament HHs to Jack - <jacko152@hotmail.com> to analyse your gameplay in future videos.

Full RingSmall
Connectorz MTT Review Part 2

Part 2 of this MTT freezeout review, gameplay by Stalkr.bs & commentary from Connectorz - Around 100 hands in and st...

Jack Boobyer 7,987 Views on 17/8/12

Six MaxNLHEMicro
Introduction to Online Poker

Jack runs us through the basics of online poker and shows us the fundamentals needed to succeed.

Jack Boobyer 6,937 Views on 5/7/12

Six MaxMTTSmall
Small Stakes MTT - $11 Freezeout

$11 Freeze Out - Part 1 of this 2 Part MTT Review: Jack reviews the early stage MTT game from one of his students and id...

Jack Boobyer 16,479 Views on 18/4/12